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The key to achieving success lies in your ability to deliver fast and reliable connectivity that efficiently connects your operational systems and serves your customers seamlessly. Businesses like yours are...

Supercharge Your Business Connectivity


Market leaders are continuously driving innovation and set the trends for the industry. Cisco and Fortinet are prime examples of companies that have established themselves as frontrunners in the software-defined...

Market Leaders and Trends: SD-WAN

Blog Posts

Unravelling the Mysteries of SD-WAN: Common Questions Answered The intriguing landscape of SD-WAN has gained significant attention in recent times. As businesses continue to prioritise network adaptability and efficiency, the...



Ransomware continues to be one of the biggest threats to all organisations and shows no signs of going away any time soon. In fact, 66% of organisations were affected by Ransomware...

Cyber Security 101: Ransomware


Drive sustainable digital transformation with solutions that accelerate business outcomes. Most companies are undergoing digital transformation to accelerate business outcomes. Leading organisations are embracing sustainability as part of their next-gen...

Advance Your Sustainable Future


In today’s increasingly demanding environment, citizens require more support than ever before, underscoring the vital importance for all public sector organisations to strive for maximum efficiency and responsiveness. What’s the...

5 Insights to Build Excellent Citizen Communications


Today’s learning environment differs significantly from just a few years ago, yet despite its value, the educational sector faces external pressures and must adapt to an ever-changing world. It’s essential...

Keeping Ahead of the Connectivity Curve in Education

Whitepapers and Reports

Supporting staff, delivering effective services and improving lives while overcoming technology silos Since 2020, organisations have raced to adopt innovations like cloud communications. While plenty of good came from this...

Public Sector’s Communication Conundrum Report


Imagine this, it is a typical Tuesday morning, and you step into your office only to discover that a sudden power outage has left your workspace in complete darkness. Computers...

Disruptions Happen: Exploring Your Options

Blog Posts

11 steps to start your cloud migration strategy today. Migrating your workloads to the cloud can offer numerous benefits, but the process can be a daunting task. Moving and managing...

Cloud Migration Ultimate Checklist


Introduction to Network Security and Firewalls In our digitally connected world, securing network services from unauthorised internet access is paramount. This is where the concept of firewalls, especially boundary firewalls,...

Cyber Essentials – Boundary Firewalls (Guide)


Learn how upgrading to Windows 11 can positively affect your business and employees As businesses have evolved to face new challenges and requirements, ensuring collaboration and finding ways to foster...

Why it’s time to upgrade to Windows 11 now [VIDEO]


Fixing a no internet connection issue can depend on various factors such as the type of connection (WiFi, Ethernet, mobile data), the device you’re using, and the specific cause of...

12 Ways To Fix a No Internet Connection Issue


Introduction Increasing digital dependence is a key factor for the continued rise in the costs of cybercrime globally. The expanding operational technology landscape, rapid emergence of generative AI and on-going...

Your Quick Guide To Managed Detection And Response


Today, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to enhance their operations and drive innovation. However, managing and securing complex cloud environments can often be a daunting task for IT...

Discover the Power of Cloud Monitoring


No business is safe from data breaches and cyber security hacks, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) helps you stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Join Lyndsey Charlton, our Chief...

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC)


Our team of experts here at Daisy have put together what will have the biggest impacts for IT decision makers in 2024. From technology consolidations and AI adoption, to how...

Daisy’s 2024 Predictions


Our ESG strategy is based on three main areas: 1: Addressing the new challenges of formal governance 2: Meeting very ambitious net zero targets 3: Our community, and charity projects,...

Daisy’s ESG Journey