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Do you have the time to spend hours researching everything about the PSTN Switch-off? A PSTN stop sell now applies to all exchanges across the UK, and will remain in...

PSTN Switch-off: How much is your time worth?


At Daisy, we connect your business challenges to forward-thinking technology solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience delivering HPE technology, we can assist with your end-to-end technology needs, ranging from...

Accelerate Your Business With Hybrid Cloud


As the cyber security landscape evolves and the importance of safeguarding digital assets grows, the penetration testing market has witnessed an influx of companies offering their expertise. Yet, among these...

The 5 Hidden Costs of Penetration Testing

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The sophistication of cyber threats has grown considerably in recent years, underscoring the critical importance for businesses to proactively outpace malicious actors. A sensible place to start is through cyber...

The Benefits of Cyber Security Penetration Testing


Our WLR switch-off library provides must-have WLR advice and support for your business. In recent years, the WLR switch-off has moved from being the elephant in the boardroom that everyone...

WLR Switch-Off Management Library [Resource Pack]


Retailers have long recognised the value of protecting e-commerce, payment systems, customer service and reputation. The evolution of buyer behaviour, the shift toward 24/7 shopping, and the continuous advancement of...

4 Key Business Continuity Strategies for Retailers


The Power of SD-One as a Backup to Fixed Line Connectivity Organisations need to ensure seamless connectivity to keep operations running smoothly. However, relying solely on fixed line connectivity can...

Enhancing Business Resilience [Article]


3 Ways To Make Your Business Futureproof Daisy offers the perfect platform for organisations looking to convert their workplaces to digital or virtual environments. With a complete, unified portfolio, we’ve...

Digital Transformation


The finance sector encounters a multitude of intricate challenges that few other industries have to contend with. Intense regulatory frameworks, escalating client demands, evolving workplace paradigms, and an immediate imperative...

4 Key Business Continuity Strategies for Financial Services


Daisy’s Rapid Site Connectivity for Pop-Up Stores In the retail sector, agility and adaptability are paramount to success. The emergence of pop-up stores has brought a new dimension to retail,...

Enhancing Retail Success


Unleashing the Power of Rapid Site Connectivity for Construction: Revolutionising Communication and Efficiency Introduction In the fast-paced world of construction, efficient communication and seamless connectivity are essential for success. Whether...

Addressing the common challenges facing new construction projects


A free guide introducing Daisy SD-WAN to non-IT stakeholders You’ve decided that your business needs SD-WAN – for the sake of your customers, colleagues and future success. Now it’s time...

SD-WAN 101: A Practical Toolkit [Guide]


Our team of experts has carefully curated an overview of best practices, tips and solutions for building a future-proof vulnerability management programme. An Overview of Vulnerability Management Vulnerability management refers...

Cyber Security 101: Vulnerability Management

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Network Transformation in the Hospitality Industry: Fortinet and Wireless Social Leading the Way In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, providing seamless and secure connectivity has become a top priority for hoteliers,...

Network Transformation in the Hospitality Industry


Meet the ever-increasing mobile demands of modern business. Capitalise on our success in securing the most competitive commercials in the marketplace today. Thanks to our unique agreements with the networks,...

Daisy Mobile Solutions [VIDEO]

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In today’s hybrid workplace, it’s easy to assume that traditional work area recovery (WAR) services have become obsolete. However, recent developments and evolving risks have shown that WAR is more...

The Resurgence of Work Area Recovery

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In this article Neil Hall, a Strategy Consultant at Daisy, delves into the profound transformation of financial accounting, shifting from traditional manual processes to the realm of digital records. He...

The Impact of Technology in Accountancy