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What is Quantum 365 by Daisy?

Quantum 365 revolutionises your understanding and management of your Microsoft 365 estate, helping it deliver more and cost less. Created in partnership with Bytes and hosted on Azure, this innovative tool uses an AI-based SaaS platform to monitor your Microsoft 365 deployment and provide real-time insights that can radically improve effectiveness, so you can streamline costs, boost security, maximise adoption and boost your ROI. Experience the benefits for yourself. Book your FREE Microsoft 365 health check now.

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How does it work?

Quantum 365 gathers a wealth of data on subscriptions, usage patterns, licence allocation and more. It then analyses this data and recommends specific ways for your organisation to extract the most value from Microsoft 365 – much of which, such as licence management, can be automated.

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What do I get with Quantum 365 by Daisy?

Gauging the true effectiveness of Microsoft 365 is a challenge for any business. Quantum 365 can help you drive substantial efficiencies, with nine out of ten organisations able to realise a 5% to 15% saving on their annual spend.
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Secure portal
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Unlimited user accounts
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Accessible, custom-based reporting and dashboards
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Automation and rules engine

Quantum 365 Modules

There is a core module and seven modules. These can be combined as needed to provide a more tailored, in-depth analysis.
quantum 365 core

Quantum 365 core

Our standard base module provides the core assessment information by interrogating Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365 subscriptions and licensing data.

Optional Add-On Modules

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Alert Engine

Receive alerts on any Quantum 365 metric, from imminent licence expiry to an approaching budget limit. Custom alerts can also be created for your specific needs.

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C-Level Dashboard

A tailored set of metrics and summarised reporting for C-Suite executives, covering optimisation, allocation, adoption, ROI, joiners and leavers and more.

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Modern Workplace

Understand and demonstrate productivity trends across different locations, departments and working styles, with dashboards for home, office and VPN workers.

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Risk, Security and Governance

A single view of your Microsoft 365 service status, security scores, threat landscape, user behaviours, Azure Active Directory analysis and much more.

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Licence automation

Manage licensing and de-allocate unused licences automatically, leveraging Quantum 365’s core recommendations and per-user consumption analysis.

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Call Quality Analytics

Identify and troubleshoot call quality issues with comprehensive technical analytics of individual calls and conferences, to maximise user experience.

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Social Interactions

Understand user behaviours and potentially improve Teams utilisation, with insights and reporting related to Teams and Skype Cloud interactions.

A wealth of benefits to your organisation

Quantum 365 by Daisy
AI-powered intelligence
for better-informed decision-making.
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Comprehensive dataset
for better budgeting and forecasting.
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Creates cost savings
optimises usage and improves ROI.
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Trend data
Shows cost, consumption and activity trends for individuals, teams and departments.
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Licence organisation
Eliminates or reclassifies underutilised, unused or unassigned licences.
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Insights and usage metrics
Enhances understanding of your people through Teams.
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Automates optimum licensing
Quantum 365 by Daisy
Saves 18-37%
on renewals with further savings possible.

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