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Your network is the glue that holds your people, processes, and platforms together. Your organisation is responsible for delivering a high-availability service to your end users in the middle of ever-changing requirements and increasing internal growth. On top of this you need to meet the demands of your customers which requires additional network capabilities. Network expansions often require more devices, more bandwidth and more connections which creates complexity and is challenging to implement and maintain.

We can provide you with instant access to the support, service, and protection you need to keep disruption and downtime at bay. We can help you securely connect branch locations and synchronise security settings across thousands of sites using our extensive engineering network and collective wealth of experience.

One of the most widely recognised and important advantages of Fortinet is its simplicity of integration into bigger networks and support for advanced routing protocols, including PBR (policy-based routing), RIP (routing information protocol), OSPF (open shortest path first), and BGP (border gateway protocol).

Market-leading SD-WAN, offering secure connectivity and an enhanced application experience that is all delivered through a unified security and management framework.
Fortinet delivers a high specification, including advanced enterprise features, at competitive prices.
We provide support from skilled engineers and consultants throughout the UK, with our staff holding Fortinet’s NSE4 level of accreditation, or higher.

We have achieved the highest level of accreditation with Fortinet, holding expert partner status with Integrator and MSSP models with Fortinet, including a specialisation in SD-WAN.

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What does this service deliver?

Improved Network Performance

By using software to manage WAN connections, it becomes possible to dynamically allocate bandwidth and prioritise traffic based on the needs of the organisation which leads to a more responsive and reliable network.

Increased Flexibility

With SD-WAN your network is managed through software, making it much easier to make changes and add new locations. This allows your organisation to respond to changing business needs and expand your network as needed.

Enhanced Security

By providing secure VPN connections and centralised management of security policies. This helps to ensure that sensitive data is protected as it travels over the WAN.

Reduced Costs

By using commodity hardware and software-based solutions, organisations can save money because the cost of hardware and maintenance is significantly lower, and there is no need for specialised skills to manage the network.

Optimise performance with our Managed Fortinet SD-WAN

We provide a range of options for a software defined network delivering optimised performance, security, and efficiency of network traffic, utilising our syndicated multi-tenant, centralised control plane. The service is fully managed by us whilst allowing self-service options and can be applied to numerous variants of network underlay, including ADSL, SOGEA, FTTC and others.

Category Description Offering
Transition Daisy Professional Services Design
Solution Training Fortinet online training
Additional training Optional
Underlay Circuits Provision of network circuit – e.g. FTTC Excluded – available separately from Daisy
Overlay Devices FortiGate Devices
FortiSwitch Switches ✓*
Syndicated Management Platform Daisy FortiManager
Daisy FortiAnalyzer
Dedicated Management Platform Daisy FortiManager Bespoke
Daisy FortiAnalyzer Bespoke
Vendor Support FortiCare support
Proactive Services Monitoring Monitoring and Event Management
Security Management Security Updates
IPS Report Optional
Security Review Optional
Reporting & Audit Monthly Health Reporting
Asset Management
Review Meeting Optional
Support Reactive Technical Support Incident Resolution
Problem Investigation
Change Implementation
Configuration Management
Co-Manage Co-Management and Self Service Optional**

*Architecture dependent
** available for dedicated management platforms


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