Device Reuse, Recycling, and Disposal Services

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Think of all the IT equipment being used throughout your organisation… It’s the backbone of everything you do, right? Well, making sure your colleagues are equipped with the IT they need and keeping it all running as it should is an important and time-consuming task. That’s before you’ve even considered all the IT equipment that’s either stopped working, or has reached its end of life.

To make your life easier, we offer a fully certified IT equipment disposal and data destruction service. We will reuse, recycle or dispose of any equipment in line with your unique asset lifecycle requirements. This can be applied to your whole IT estate, or just part of it. It can even be used in conjunction with vendor trade in programs.

We even help you to meet your ESG objectives by renewing and recycling devices as appropriate, to return residual value to your business.

We partner with market leaders in the disposal of redundant and end of life IT equipment in order to offer you an extensive list of services:

Secure Data Erasure

On Site HDD Shredding

WEEE Recycling

Full Tracking & Asset Reporting

On Site Data Erasure



Asset Re-Sale


Charity Support

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WEEE – End of IT Asset Life

We have different WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) compliant treatment services. These enable a robust approach that follows the regulatory requirements in this area. This approach includes the appropriate destruction/protection of data to the standards sought e.g. this may be National Cyber Security Standards (NCSC). Our WEEE Compliant partners (ITAD’s – IT Asset Disposal) are chosen based on their performance. This includes their material recovery rates, they are a critical part of the life of IT assets to ensure they are addressed appropriately.

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IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Services

The ITAD services that we use allow your business to dispose of technology that you no longer require as part of a compliant, tracked, process. This incorporates its secure collection through to how it is treated, including repurposing the asset (in whole or in part), recycling parts through to energy recovery. The IT Asset journey is complicated and it is important that it is done correctly.

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Data Destruction

Your Daisy Project Manager will work with you and our IT Asset Disposal Partner (ITAD) at each stage. This includes a comprehensive tracking of each product and how it was treated (repurposed, recycled, mineral recovery, energy recovery). This includes how the data on the asset is addressed. This, at least, requires treating your IT asset with the best in class care that it deserves. As a consequence, the data destruction part of the ITAD process is agreed with you in advance, it is reported on as part of the overall WEEE compliant process for your records and peace of mind.

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Residual Value / Buyback

To get you the best value for your existing hardware investments, we can work with you to assess any residual value your devices may hold based on age and condition. We will also investigate specific vendor offerings around any buyback options for hardware.

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Device Reuse, Recycling, and Disposal Services – Ask the Expert

We’re all feeling the pressure to either reuse where possible, or safely dispose of products. Ever since shops starting charging for carrier bags back in 2015, the general public has become far more aware of our responsibility to reduce waste and dispose of products safely. This heightened awareness bleeds through to the way the public views the disposal of your unwanted devices and data. As well as managing the physical removal of equipment and reducing your impact on the environment, our fully audited disposal and treatment of devices will safeguard your business from cyber attacks or data breaches by securely erasing data that is no longer required. We also help you to optimise costs and recover value from your devices where possible through resale either as a whole or at a component level.

By outsourcing device and data disposal to us, you remove any risks associated with it, as well as increase the capacity of your internal teams by freeing up resources to focus on other objectives. We will ensure disposal is compliant with relevant industry regulations and give you the ability to track inventory in real-time, using our specialised tools. You also gain access to a team of dedicated experts who can respond to any questions you may have, or fill knowledge gaps in this area while simultaneously securing a financial return.
Once your device is processed, you will receive a full audit trail certifying its status. Whether it is recycled, disposed of, or reused you will receive a full audit trail of the device’s movement from the originating site through to its final destination.
We have the skills, expertise, and flexibility to provide device reuse, recycling, and disposal services suitable to your business. As an added bonus, we are serious about ESG and incorporate it into everything we do. This means that you can rest easy knowing that the services we offer are delivered efficiently, sustainably and in a way that reduces your environmental impact.