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A secure, scalable unified communications solution

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OnlineUC Mitel is a purpose-built communications solution that improves business productivity – integrating seamlessly with your business workflows and applications, and powering your communications and collaboration. With OnlineUC Mitel, you get the built-in capabilities of MiCollab and MiTeam Meetings to foster real-time collaboration using voice, video, IM, document sharing and more – all from a single, unified application that moves seamlessly between desktops, mobile devices and the cloud. This solution delivers a fast, secure, scalable, and consistent performance.

Get more mobility, collaboration, and exceptional customer experiences without the cost and complexity of a traditional, premises-based communications system. Transform your costs into a monthly pay-as-you-go model allowing you to quickly add new users, connect new offices or activate new features, and do it all while driving down your communications and customer care costs – so you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of OnlineUC Mitel

  • A fully-hosted end-to-end secure and reliable communications solution
  • Integrations to meet customisation requirements
  • Provides enhanced disaster recovery, resiliency, security, compliance and data sovereignty
  • Allows you to have control of maintenance windows to avoid business disruption
  • Integrated omnichannel contact centre
  • Greater ROI with OpEx model, and no upfront expenses

How it works

OnlineUC can be deployed with high availability using geo redundant data centres to deliver fast, scalable, and consistent performance. Information and voice calls securely traverse the public internet to reach their final destination using Voice over internet protocols (VoIP).

When traffic is on the network, it no longer transits the public internet, making it less likely to be attacked, intercepted or manipulated. Employees enjoy the same communications functionality regardless of whether they are in an office, on the road, or working from home.

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OnlineUC Mitel

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Daisy has been a Mitel Platinum Partner for more than 20 years. As one of the UK’s largest telecoms providers with experience in public sector deployments and registered on many PSN frameworks as preferred suppliers, we can ensure your all your on-premises requirements are covered.

Working with Weightmans, Daisy virtualised its Mitel system to a virtual data centre, which allowed the delivery of all services across their WAN. This also allowed Daisy to introduce a resilient SIP service direct from this centralised instance, and remove the reliance on ISDN30 for the day-to-day operations. The ISDN30 was scaled down and retained for an additional layer of resilience.


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