Dedicated Ethernet

internet access with guaranteed speed and service levels

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A leased line is a private Ethernet connection which provides the highest level of performance. Unlike with broadband, bandwidth is not shared with anyone else, so speeds are guaranteed.

Whether you opt for Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (EoFTTC), Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or Ethernet over fibre – Daisy’s Ethernet solutions are perfect for businesses that rely on the strength of their data connection.

Each of our Ethernet solutions provides dedicated internet access with guaranteed speeds and service level agreements that offer rapid response times. Accompanied by a minimum uptime guarantee 24/7, giving you our commitment to keeping your business’s internet connection up and running.

Ethernet also offers reliability, security and symmetrical download and upload speeds, making it ideal for large data transfers, video conferencing, smooth and seamless VoIP calls and accessing cloud-based services.

Ethernet – Point to Point

Highly available, highly secure Ethernet Point-to-Point solutions from Daisy are perfect for connecting offices in different locations, ensuring your data is more secure and network performance is more reliable.

With a dedicated connection between two sites, Point-to-Point can also be used to connect key user locations to an off-site data centre. Your data will be more secure, performance will be more reliable, and using VoIP connectivity, you’ll make big savings on inter-site calls.

Perfect to connect two sites
High availability, low latency private circuits
Available using copper or fibre Ethernet
Robust SLA’s
Highly secure
UK based support services and technical support

How Ethernet Point-to-Point works

Leased Lines Point to Point

Fibre Carrier Ethernet

What is it?

Daisy’s ultimate connectivity end-to-end fibre solution offers unparalleled levels of reliability and speed. It can be implemented in most locations regardless of whether or not fibre is currently available. Speeds of 1Mbps to 10Gbps and low latency ensure that the most demanding real time applications can be handled with ease. Options include our highest service levels (99.93% availability), a 5 hour circuit fix and 4 hour Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) replacement service.

In simple terms

A secure, totally managed service capable of dealing with large numbers of users and any high bandwidth cloud based application.

This is the right choice if your business needs complete control of your connectivity at all times, and any loss of service would have a major financial or operational impact.

  • Unlimited download
  • Up to 10 Gbps download speed
  • Up to 10 Gbps upload speed
  • 24/7 support free static IP

Ethernet in the First Mile

What is it?

Where fibre Ethernet is not available or would be expensive to install, Daisy’s Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) provides an end-to-end Ethernet solution using multiple copper wires to connect your premises directly to the Ethernet core network. The dedicated, uncontended connection provides high symmetrical bandwidth.

In simple terms

A high speed, dedicated and fully managed connection, ideal for the smooth running of real-time applications like video conferencing and VoIP where fibre is not an available option.

This is the right solution if you want the benefits of Ethernet and you can predict your future data requirements. Your business needs complete control of your connectivity and any loss of service would have a fundamental or operational impact.

  • Up to 35 Mbps download speed
  • Up to 35 Mbps upload speed
  • 24/7 support free static IP
  • 35 Mbps MB/s
  • 10 users
  • Unlimited download limit

Ethernet Over FTTC

What is it?

A solution whereby existing fibre or copper cable (if fibre is not available) connects your business to the nearest street cabinet, and a dedicated Ethernet line carries data to the Daisy core network. Our solution guarantees symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 19 Mbps, with unlimited data usage and an 8 hour fix time.

In simple terms

A high velocity, hybrid solution that gives you the speed and bandwidth of Ethernet with the cost benefits of our FTTC and FTTP solutions.

This is the right solution if you have up to 20 users, want a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of Ethernet and your business location has the required capability.

  • Unlimited download limit
  • Up to 20 Mbps download speed
  • Up to 20 Mbps upload speed
  • 24/7 support free static IP
  • Ideal for up to 20 users