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As organisations diversify how and where they deliver customer service and consume technology, this creates new risks associated with managing the availability and recoverability of these services, both during normal operations and when an incident occurs. The next generation of Operational Resilience services from Daisy, underpins the requirement for Always on Infrastructure, which is essential in the digital age. Daisy has evolved the traditional, reactive Operational Resilience & IT Disaster Recovery services, re-inventing them to proactively address these new risks and meet increased customer expectations arising from the digital economy.

Day to day benefits from your Workplace Recovery

Traditional Workplace Recovery solutions provide replacement offices within 24 hours, for a few critical employees only, in the event that their primary workplace is not available following a disaster. Daisy’s next generation of Workplace Recovery not only accommodates these critical teams seamlessly within just a few minutes of a disaster, it also leverages our operational resilience infrastructure to improve availability and agility for your entire workforce, day to day.

Crucially, we’ve boosted the scope and support of our traditional services to deliver recoveries within the same business day. This means your investment goes beyond basic ‘disaster insurance’ and evolves into day to day service availability. We’ve used the latest technology to seamlessly power and connect critical users in our workplace centres to those users asked to work from home, recovering more of your staff and at a lower cost. To ensure you get value from your Operational Resilience investment, we have empowered you to cope with peaks in demand, project work and training by making workplace facilities available even when there’s no disaster.

Workplace Recovery overview

We can get your staff up and running within an hour

A network of 18 Operational Resilience Centres and over 8,500 individual, fully equipped desk positions within an hour’s reach of the UK’s major commercial hubs

Our virtual Workplace Recovery service desktop and telephony functionality from your home computer and smart devices, all fully integrated with our continuity centre technology

Specialist, complex contact centre environments and financial market trading facilities are catered for, so that your staff and the customers that call them achieve, a ‘business as usual’ experience

Our fleet of mobile offices can pull up to a specified location to house a team of your people for an incident that has only affected part of your building

We manage exclusion zones and syndication ratios to minimise risk associated with shared services and we provide dedicated services for complete peace of mind

All of our workplace services integrate into our IT & data continuity and Operational Resilience Management (BCM) services for greater resilience and support

Next generation Workplace Recovery now includes as standard:

  • Dynamic online customer readiness assessment portal

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting of your critical infrastructure*

  • Quickstart+ for off-site protection of your virtual Active Directory

  • Sub one hour deployment of customer PC image to contracted seat count prior to arrival

  • Options for integrated home working via cloud-based virtual hosted desktop and contact centre technology

  • Internet and carrier neutral communication links up to 1gb**

  • Flexplace – pre-bookable usage of your workplace facilities for planned and unplanned events

  • Annual fully supported IT and user testing

  • Formal annual current state assessment health check for audit purposes

Business drivers and demands for next generation Workplace Recovery

Because our customers’ needs are changing, Daisy’s ‘Always on Infrastructure’ approach enables you to transform and thrive in the digital economy.

  • A digital business needs to be available to customers, 24/7

  • Availability and responsiveness of customer facing services define the digital experience

  • Consumers have a wide choice of global suppliers at their fingertips and can change quickly

  • Social media provides immediate and uncensored outlets for customer concerns and dissatisfaction

  • Confidence to deliver highly available goods and services through reliable technology and customer contact centres, manned 24/7, becomes critical to success

  • Local alternative workplaces, pre-equipped and familiar, are a requirement for peak times, not just in a disaster scenario

  • The need to cater for extreme weather events requires an integrated home working solution

  • Peak trading periods can demand support capability many times in excess of the norm

  • The digital business needs to evidence SLAs and the ability to meet regulatory compliance and satisfy internal and external stakeholders

UK data centre operational resilience office map

Upgrade to an Always on Infrastructure with Daisy

You can get all the benefit of a workplace availability solution as part of an overall managed service, delivering your day to day infrastructure and availability.

Daisy is the go-to partner for resilient, secure and always available communications and IT infrastructure managed services for the UK market:

  • Lines & Calls
  • Mobile
  • Connectivity
  • WiFi
  • LAN
  • UC&C
  • Contact Centres
  • Cloud & Hosting
  • Managed Services
  • Security
  • Operational Resilience
  • Supply Chain Service

Next steps

Whether you’re new to operational resilience or you’re tied into a legacy contract with another provider, Daisy can help you on your journey to the next generation of operational resilience services. Our consultants can review and update your plans, our technical gurus can design your communications and IT solutions and we can even cover some of your set-up/move costs.