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Amplify your productivity

Powerful performance:
Run demanding multithreaded engineering applications with up to an 350W Intel® Xeon® Processor.

Best-in-class graphics:
Support advanced engineering and artificial intelligence GPU workloads with up to four 300W graphic cards. An extensive range of professional AMD and NVIDIA graphic options are available.

Elevate your purpose:
Power your system with an up to 2200W PSU.

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Dell workstations

7960 Tower

…from the world’s #1 workstation company

Intelligent performance
Up to Intel Xeon (350W), 56 cores, AMD or NVIDIA (4x 300W) graphics, 152TB storage, (8) M.2 in FlexBays, (8) PCIe Gen 4/5 slots, 4TB of 4800MHz (DDR5) memory, high speed I/O including optional Thunderbolt™Dell Optimizer for Precision

User experience

  • Front and rear accessible and lockable storage
  • Fast network speeds (1G + 10G Native)
  • USB 3.2 Type C and A ports

Mission critical reliability and security

  • ISV Certifications
  • ECC with Reliable Memory Technology Pro
  • Advanced thermals
  • TPM 2.0, lockable chassis with intrusion detection, self-encrypting drives
Dell 7960 tower

7960 Rack

Be more productive, as you power your purpose

Intelligent performance
Up to (2) Intel® Xeon® 350W, 56 cores processors, (2) AMD or NVIDIA 300W graphics, 128TB storage (8) M.2, (7) PCIe Gen 4/5 slots, up to 8TB of 4800MHz (DDR5) memoryDell Optimizer for Precision

User experience

  • Front accessible and lockable storage
  • Optical Disk Drive optional
  • Fast network speeds (1G, 10G, 25G)
  • USB 3.2 Type A ports

Mission critical reliability and security

  • ISV Certifications
  • ECC Memory
  • Advanced thermals
  • TPM 2.0, lockable chassis with intrusion detection, self-encrypting drives

Dell 7960 rack

Dell Optimizer for Precision

Dell Optimizer is Dell’s AI-based optimisation software that learns and responds to the way you work, designed to automatically improve application and device performance, PC and accessory battery run-time, audio/video settings and privacy – all in the background while you’re working.

Boost productivity up to 28% on routine tasks
Application Optimisation analyses how you use your preferred apps to increase performance, helping you handle tasks efficiently.

Get up to 18% in power savings
Save energy without sacrificing performance for ultimate efficiency with Power Optimisation. Achieve power savings when you set your PC to Quiet Mode on your thermal management settings – giving you up to 2.4 watts of power savings compared to default mode.

Dell Optimizer

Experience 2x faster network performance
Network Optimisation provides the world’s first simultaneous multi-network connection for faster data and video downloads, and joins the best network available.

Access personalised insights
Dell’s Analytics feature monitors the utilisation of your PC by analysing your system’s battery, storage, CPU, and memory behaviour to review your system’s reliability and problem history.
Enhanced audio
Intelligent Audio senses your surroundings and improves the conferencing experience by removing unwanted sounds, alerts you when your voice quality is poor, and provides a better collaboration experience for you and all call participants.
An intelligent ecosystem
Enjoy easy pairing and management of your Dell monitors and accessories with the integration of Dell Display Manager and Dell Peripheral Manager.

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