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OnlineUC Mitel is a purpose-built communications solution that improves business productivity – integrating seamlessly with your business workflows and applications and powering your communications and collaboration. It gives you the built-in capabilities of MiCollab and MiTeam Meetings to foster real-time collaboration using voice, video, IM, document sharing and more – all from a single, unified application that moves seamlessly between desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud. Not only do you achieve fast, secure, scalable, and consistent performance, you have complete flexibility with commercial models to suit your business needs and solution deployment on proprietary hardware server or a virtualised environment.


Mitel offers a range of integrated communications solutions that businesses from all sectors can utilise to boost efficiencies, deliver exceptional customer experience, and engage employees.

With Mitel, your teams can choose to communicate in the way that works best for them across voice, video, messaging, presence, audio conferencing, and team collaboration tools, plus Capex or subscription models to suit your business needs.

Whether the business is looking to continue working solely from an office, entirely remotely or through a hybrid approach, there is a Mitel solution that fits.

We’re here to help you deliver an improved customer experience and workplace efficiencies for your customers, optimising opportunities for growth.

With Mitel and Daisy, you have the capability to future-proof your platform by accelerating new features and application deployment.

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An on-premises PBX phone system provides businesses with the functionality and call management features required to manage multiple inbound and outbound calls simultaneously. Which, of course, isn’t possible if using a residential landline or business mobile phone. Call routing, individual extension numbers, auto attendant and so on are all common call management features available with an on-premises phone system.
An on-premises phone system can be analogue, digital or cloud hosted. The traditional analogue phone system uses public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines, while a digital solution uses an Internet connection. A cloud phone system uses Internet-based software which is located and maintained in the cloud, rather than using a server.
The main difference between a hosted cloud phone system and an on-premises phone system is who owns and manages the system’s hardware and software. With on-premises PBX, you will own, manage and also maintain the system. With a hosted solution, it is owned and managed by the provider, and it will be managed in the cloud and connected to your team entirely over the Internet.

Daisy has been a Mitel Platinum Partner for more than 20 years. As one of the UK’s largest telecoms providers with experience in public sector deployments and registered on many PSN frameworks as preferred suppliers, we can ensure your all your on-premises requirements are covered.

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