Boost your Microsoft Teams with a rock-solid and scalable calling solution

The integration of world-class customer experiences and advanced calling features into Microsoft Teams represents a significant advancement in organisational productivity.

Microsoft 365 serves as a fundamental platform for employee efficiency, with applications like Word, Outlook, and Excel widely used across various industries. Now, businesses seek to further leverage their investment by encouraging the adoption of additional services such as Microsoft Teams, particularly in the context of remote and hybrid work environments, where Teams’ messaging and video conferencing capabilities have become indispensable for keeping dispersed teams connected.

Despite the growing adoption of Microsoft Teams, many businesses encounter challenges with its calling functionalities. While some plan to utilise Teams for messaging, video, and phone needs, limitations arise, particularly for those without a Microsoft 365 E5 license. A Cavell Group study reveals that Over 80% of Teams customers opt for a third-party service for integrated telephony, due to factors like return on investment, advanced calling requirements, reliability issues, and limitations in international coverage within Teams.

To address these challenges and maximise their Microsoft 365 investment, organisations increasingly adopt a best-of-breed strategy, enhancing Teams’ calling experience with solutions like RingCentral’s MVP advanced cloud phone system. Choosing Daisy and RingCentral can offer you a faster, Gartner-endorsed route to powerful, future-proofed communications. As a RingCentral Diamond Partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to design a custom solution for your business that will help you get the most out of your Teams investment.

How to achieve the best outcomes…

We offer flexible deployment options, for seamless integration with Teams and direct routing for enhanced calling experiences. With superior telephony, business SMS, internet fax, advanced call routing, and robust analytics, RingCentral and Daisy transforms Microsoft Teams into a comprehensive communications powerhouse, catering to diverse organisational needs and optimising productivity.

This strategic approach allows businesses to leverage the familiarity and functionality of Microsoft Teams for messaging and video conferencing while augmenting the calling experience with RingCentral’s advanced features. By embedding telephony directly into the Teams app, users gain access to a high-performing business phone system on their desktop or mobile device, ensuring seamless communication across channels. Additionally, RingCentral’s solution offers comprehensive international calling coverage, integration with leading business apps, and customisable APIs and SDKs for building tailored communication solutions.

As a RingCentral Diamond Partner we can provide a comprehensive suite of features to enhance calling solutions within Microsoft Teams, providing businesses with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. With seamless integration into the Teams app, users can access a high-performing business phone system, send secure business SMS messages, and manage faxes effortlessly. Advanced features like auto-attendant, IVR editor, and call delegation ensure smooth call management, while robust uptime guarantees uninterrupted communication. RingCentral’s customisable APIs for tailored solutions, and IT analytics enable rapid issue resolution, and insights derived from historical call data empower data-driven business decisions, ultimately optimising productivity and user satisfaction.

RingCentral and Daisy offer you a faster, Gartner-endorsed route to powerful, future-proofed communications. In an age of globally-dispersed, ultra-mobile workforces that rely on agile, multi-channel collaboration, traditional PBX telephony is struggling to cut it. Cumbersome and costly to maintain, these outdated systems are increasingly approaching end-of-life, while innovation and investment flow in one direction only: the cloud.

Fast, cost-effective migration, with near-instant benefits. Compared with upgrading your PBX system, migrating to cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is both easy and transformative – especially with Daisy and our partner RingCentral MVP – a leader within the UCaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant. We can help your transition from legacy outdated technology to today’s innovative solutions – and prepare you for any future challenges.

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