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The profile of automation, and now AI, has been raised massively by the strides in capability seen in generative AI over the last couple of years.

Generative AI will greatly impact product development, customer experience, employee productivity and innovation delivering cost reduction through automation, provide enhanced customer profiling and allow enhanced decision-making through sophisticated data analysis.

As a result, every business is asking the question “How can we take advantage of this technology?”, but many organisations have only just begun the journey and, in a complex landscape, it is difficult to take that first step confidently. Every project has different requirements, and the plethora of tools and methods can be daunting.


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Whether automation, predictive AI or generative AI is your target outcome, the program lifecycle should always start with an identification of the business objectives, progressing through use case definitions, data acquisition and preparation before tooling, implementation and delivery is undertaken.

Daisy can help. From the initial engagement to understand the business outcomes and perceived challenges, through use case assessments, data preparation and platform delivery, we have a partner ecosystem gathered from across the IT industry to help organisations of all sizes and aspirations.

Artificial intelligence


While there are many categories of perceived artificial intelligence, from simple rules-based systems at one end of the spectrum, right through to self-aware systems at the other, there are three definitions to consider. These are automation, predictive AI and generative AI.

Programmed to respond to specific inputs with predetermined actions and based on predefined rules and patterns, automation models excel at highly repetitive tasks requiring speed and accuracy.

These systems however are not “intelligent” and simply follow these predefined rules.

Typical use cases might include business process automation or robotic control in closed environments,

Predictive AI
Making use of machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques to analyse historical data, identify patterns, and make predictions about future outcomes or events, predictive AI aims to forecast trends, behaviours, or events based on patterns observed in past data.

The use cases are broad and are seen in financial forecasting, predictive maintenance, personalised healthcare, consumer marketing, inventory management and logistics amongst many others.

Generative AI
Using machine learning techniques to create new data derived from the underlying patterns and structures present in training data, generative AI allows the creation of new text, images, and other outputs from patterns learnt from previous information.

Uses include the generation of documentation to aid business processes, natural language text and speech for virtual assistants, the generation of novel chemical structures in the pharmaceutical industry, and imaging in the media sphere.

Use Cases

Employee Productivity
Enhancing the end user experience, Copilot for Microsoft 365 can bring new levels of creativity and productivity to businesses of all sizes, improving workforce efficiency and driving innovation.
Business Automation
Repetitive, manual processes add significant cost and risk to businesses. Speeding up and automating those processes using the Microsoft Power Platform can free your staff to focus on driving your business forward.
Machine Learning
Data is at the heart of your business. Leverage your data using AI and machine learning to make data-driven decisions. Optimised processes and actionable insights lead to increased efficiency and competitiveness in your chosen
Private AI Solutions
Where you need local processing at the edge, have concerns over security, or require data sovereignty and privacy, then a private solution is key to harness the power of AI

Questions to ask yourself…

Is my business ready for AI?
Have I clearly identified my business objectives and desired outcomes from an AI and Automation program?
Have I defined specific use cases where AI may help my business?
Is my data both in the most appropriate location and of sufficient quality?
Is my data secured properly and only those who should have access, have it?
How will I deploy my solution?
Do I have the skills in house?
Is my infrastructure suitable?

Our Capabilities

Depending on your organisation’s maturity or identified project requirements, it is clear that you will need a tailored approach unique to your specific circumstances. Daisy has a team of Strategy Consultants to help guide your process and coordinate a selection of expert organisations whatever the area of interest, and a suite of services to help you make the most of your AI opportunity.

Our services include:

Introducing AI to non-technical users and provide an understanding of the impact of AI within an organisation.
A short workshop to explore business needs, use case objectives, and priorities for all stakeholders. Identify dependencies, data sources, and your level of readiness and define a high-level road map for your intelligent AI and data strategy.
We can quickly deliver an overall Copilot for Microsoft 365 readiness score based on your current security posture, user licensing, and the way your users are using Microsoft applications today.
Helping you understand the art of the possible and determining organisational readiness.
Initial training to help support your evaluation or user rollout program.
As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider – while you will focus on your AI program, Daisy is able to transact licensing on your behalf, should you need it.
Using both Microsoft and third-party tools uncover the level of data sharing of sensitive information across your organisation and externally.
Analysing your current security posture and permissions and developing controls to help protect your data in advance of AI deployment.
Working with you to identify business optimisation opportunities and working alongside your teams to develop real-world automation solutions.
Developing your own virtual chat agents augmented with your own data to help drive improved customer engagement.
Using a more traditional consultative process, Daisy and its partners can also deliver more specific AI-related solutions.