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Do you have the time to spend hours researching everything about the PSTN Switch-off? A PSTN stop sell now applies to all exchanges across the UK, and will remain in...

PSTN Switch-off: How much is your time worth?


At Daisy, we connect your business challenges to forward-thinking technology solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience delivering HPE technology, we can assist with your end-to-end technology needs, ranging from...

Accelerate Your Business With Hybrid Cloud


As the cyber security landscape evolves and the importance of safeguarding digital assets grows, the penetration testing market has witnessed an influx of companies offering their expertise. Yet, among these...

The 5 Hidden Costs of Penetration Testing


HPE GreenLake – Everything-as-a-service, courtesy of the “cloud that comes to you”.

HPE GreenLake

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The sophistication of cyber threats has grown considerably in recent years, underscoring the critical importance for businesses to proactively outpace malicious actors. A sensible place to start is through cyber...

The Benefits of Cyber Security Penetration Testing