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Daisy can provide you with easy, low-cost product supply, managed end-to-end from order to installation – including laptops, desktops, and printers – through to desktop services, a range of servers, hardware, configuration, application packaging, licencing, deployment and IT asset management (ITAM) services, lifecycle services and finance options.


Access to over 200,000+ product lines from leading technology partners – from phones to servers, to printers – with access to great pricing, quick quotes, hardware configuration and end-to-end support. Show more...


Daisy is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with 14 out of the 18 competencies and unrivalled breath of expertise. Our software and licencing models offer flexibility the best options for your business. Show more...


We offer a full suite of lifecycle services that contribute to your ESG objectives, including redeployment, secure data erasure or HDD shredding, WEEE compliant recycling, decommissioning, refurbishment, asset reporting, asset re-sale, and charity support.

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Flexible Finance Services

Make your hard-pressed IT budgets go further with our tailored, competitive and flexible finance solutions. We work with vendors or finance providers to offer your customers flexible and tailored finance solutions, including lease and tech-as-a-service (with TaaS), enabling you to take your IT capex spending and convert it into a simple opex solution.

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Daisy’s Product Supply & Licensing services provide organisations with cost-effective product supply, for all your hardware and licensing, including mobiles, desktops, printers, servers, storage, and software licences for desktop, server, cloud – and, with various service options to address your specific requirements and challenges.
Our Product Supply & licensing services can help protect your organisation against possible data breaches because we have specialist skills, experience, technology and knowledge in Cyber Security, not to mention vendor accreditations such as a Microsoft Gold competency in security, that means we are ideally placed to support your organisation. We do this via recommending and sourcing products and solutions that have inherent tools to protect your data, and also through our ability to add-on our own value services that complement the technology with additional security and management services.
Product end of life is when a product is retired or removed from the market. This in time prevents users from receiving updates and the vendor stops marketing, selling, and parts provision, services, and software updates for the product. Once a device goes end of life it can be recycled or destroyed.
Achieving ESG objectives across the product supply ecosystem requires meaningful and effective collaboration. Working with our vendors and partners, Daisy ensures that ESG is crucial in every stage of a device’s lifecycle from procurement to disposal.Find out about Daisy’s ISO certifications
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Yes, Daisy can provide any organisation with easy, low-cost product supply, managed end-to-end from order to installation – including laptops, hardware, configuration, and IT asset management (ITAM) services, lifecycle services, and finance options.Find out more

Business Protection

  • Highly skilled and experienced teams manage your product supply efficiently and to professional standards
  • Proven, up-to-date technology and devices to help protect your customers, employees, and business data

Service Quality

  • Measured, managed and SLA-backed services ensuring your regulatory and legislative requirements are met

Trusted Partner

  • Consultative, technology-agnostic and value-focused approach to the delivery of our services and solutions
  • Tier one relationships with all the major global technology brands
  • Offer a comprehensive range of supporting services and solutions across IT, communications and cloud

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures

Why Daisy for Product Supply & Licensing?

Reduce costs
Opex instead of capex with financing options
Increase employees/student’s productivity
Stay competitive
Improve workplace desirability
Eliminate downtime / No disruption to critical IT support
Allow internal teams to focus on running and growing the business
Reduce project timescales
Protect brand and company reputation
Protect customer, employee and business data
Meet regulatory and legislative requirements
Protect against data breach fines