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Imagine rolling out new mobile devices to your staff, without your IT team having to unpack a single box or install a single SIM, never mind asset tagging or adding screen protection, applications and mobile device management. And better still, imagine your staff being able to use their new phones from the first touch, with no influx of support calls and issues flooding into your service desk. That’s exactly what you get with our Mobile+ solution.

Mobile+ allows businesses to future-proof their mobile operations. This fully managed mobile solution enables you to outsource the cost of supporting your mobile fleet and mobility expertise to Daisy – based on a single cost-per-user. This service is tailored to your business needs, and we provide a selection of mix-and-match service modules that allow you to outsource certain tasks while keeping others in-house if required. We will work with you to define, deploy and support your flexible working strategy. We will go beyond the basics of coverage and tariffs to combine the right devices, connectivity and management tools with the right business applications, all whilst ensuring compliance with your company’s mobile policy and strategy.

What do I get with Mobile+?


A managed migration and implementation service that encompasses data cleansing to establish an accurate inventory when transitioning to a new provider.

Device procurement

Devices are supplied in accordance with your approved purchasing procedures and from a pre-agreed catalogue of authorised devices.

Device staging

Remote device setup to fully configure your new and replacement devices in accordance with your management, security and application policy before the device is shipped to the end-user.

Device lifecycle management

This includes purchasing, delivery, management, refurbishment for further use by another user, device decommissioning and recycling.

Inventory and connection management

We maintain an accurate inventory of mobile assets, the operational and contractual state they are in, locations and owners. We also ensure that spare devices and numbers are used where possible, rather than taking out a new connection.

MyAccount portal

This is the central repository for all user billing information. All customers have self-serve access, however, as part of our managed service, we can maintain changes, including cost centre information.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Our MDM services include selection, installation, and operation of a cloud platform for unified MDM. We can also take over the daily administration of your existing MDM setup, both options give you the ability to deploy, manage and secure all mobile devices centrally.

Dedicated support team

This provides a single point of contact for multiple services and is in operation 24/7, so customers can report any issues with the service at any time via phone, email, or web portal. All calls are logged and tracked through to completion.

Secured by Knox logo

Samsung Knox is a military-grade solution that provides a secure environment for corporate data and apps for Samsung Android devices. Samsung Knox protects your business and personal privacy from one device without the need for third party IT protection. The Knox platform is currently embedded into the device and runs on both Android and Tizen operating systems. Knox platform features are active in your device from the moment you turn it on. Even when your device is off, all your data is encrypted by default.

Secure Deploy Manage
Samsung Knox secures your device in every layer and at all times, so you can focus on your business no matter what. Deployment and configuration made easy. As soon as they are powered on, work devices are automatically provisioned right out of the box. With features built to manage all stages of your customer's device life cycle, ensure their devices for work are always under IT control. Anytime, anywhere, and in any industry.

Why Daisy for Mobile+?

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Managed for you

Utilise Daisy’s experienced configuration team and save on a substantial outlay in time and resources that a large in-house deployment would require

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Minimise risk

With extensive experience and structured processes, Daisy deployments reduce risk and ensure a smooth roll-out to minimise any disruption to business-as-usual that can come with new technology

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Mobile device management

The Daisy option to enrol MDM on deployment can enforce company security policies such as login passwords, or enable the capability to wipe the device if it’s lost or stolen, protecting data from the outset

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Performance ready

The Daisy service adds immediate value by arriving ‘ready’ for staff to use, with no set up required

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Protect your investment

Installing screen protectors, asset tagging devices, recording details for inventory and ensuring staff have important information delivered with their devices, all help to protect your investment

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