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What is Daisy Inbound?

We know how important inbound calls are to your business. Making it easy for customers to call you and routing calls through to the right department are critical factors for good customer service and closing sales quickly.

Memorable numbers could maximise the return on investment of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Non geographical numbers are simply routed to the landline or mobile of your choice; these can be easily changed through our online portal giving your business full control and flexibility.

Why choose Daisy Inbound?

With Daisy our inbound services really are much more than just a number.

  • Online control of your numbers through our portal
  • Points to existing number, so no additional line rental to pay
  • More flexible than a fixed line number, simply take your number with you if you move premises
  • Quickly change where your calls are forwarded to at any time
  • Improve your customer experience by attaching Inbound Call Management features to your number such as IVRs, call queuing, voice-mail and much more

What do I get with Daisy Inbound?

With three levels of service to choose from: Contact Point, Contact Path or Contact Pro, we can provide the right solution for your business.

Contact Point

Single-site businesses that want to set up and change call routing plans according to opening hours and staff availability.

Contact Path

Multi-site or multi-department organisations looking to route calls by caller identity, by caller location, to the correct account manager or for hunt group routing across particular teams.

Contact Pro

Call centre functionality for businesses that place a high value on customer service and want to deal with calls more effectively and without missing any.

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