Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Achieve total management and control of all your IT services with an experienced and trusted SIAM partner

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Daisy provides expert SIAM operations within complex and challenging environments. We design and create detailed mapping of all activities and responsibilities contained within an organisation’s IT service landscape – from top down and bottom up. We then run these processes on behalf of our customers to ensure they are delivering the best value.

We provide the same management, take the same care and administer the same governance for all contracted services, be they provided by the Daisy service desk and technical functions, or third party providers.

SIAM modelling is a highly bespoke process and is tailored to an organisation’s specific needs.

Our managed service specialists use the following approach in all designs:

  • methodical and detailed requirements gathering
  • mapping of underpinning processes
  • identifying key service deliverables by function and creating clear RACI matrices
  • establishing meaningful value-driven SLAs backed by full-service reporting
  • consider best use of systems, automation, and tooling

Daisy engages all service participants in a collaborative approach ensuring value is created and realised by all stakeholders and involved parties. In-life, the principal role of Daisy’s SIAM function will be to lead and orchestrate all required management processes.

By taking advantage of Daisy’s SIAM expertise our customers can enjoy the benefits of best-of-breed provider models and competitiveness between service providers, leading to more cost efficiency and better service to end users, without the overhead of managing this complex ecosystem.

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If your organisation has multiple service providers, SIAM will make your life easier and improve service outcomes for your business.
SIAM has several advantages: simplifying your service management across all your service providers and internal resources, ensuring transparency and control, as well as reducing your organisation’s operating, labour, and overhead costs.
Daisy’s SIAM offers complete coverage of your entire IT service landscape, designing and mapping all activities and responsibilities. This enables us to optimise how these services are delivered, so that quality, governance and SLAs are maintained to the highest standards.
Yes, Daisy’s SIAM modelling is a bespoke process tailored to your business’s specific needs.
Daisy’s managed service specialists have a proven track record of delivering complex SIAM models. With vast knowledge and many years of experience, our dedicated Service Managers oversee the whole process for you, from governance and escalations to individual service element performance reporting.

Why Daisy?

Daisy’s managed service specialists have vast knowledge with years of experience in interpreting and designing robust service models.

Daisy currently delivers complex SIAM models of up to 10,000 users to corporate, healthcare and regulatory organisations.

Our embedded service management practices provide the management, control and ownership that is essential in the successful delivery of IT services within shared delivery models.

A dedicated Service Manager oversees governance, escalations and aggregates individual service element performance reporting, including SLA reporting, trend analysis and active identification of service improvement opportunities.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and strong service management principles combined with the agility to adapt to changing landscapes. All while seeking continual improvement in every corner of the SIAM service model.