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At Daisy, we design, build, and manage robust and reliable hybrid cloud environments, helping you bridge the gap between private, shared, and public platforms. Delivering optimised, coherent solutions we give you full control over performance, security, and service levels, at minimum cost.

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At Daisy, we find out all about your business and advocate the right cloud environment for the right scenario. This may involve a hybrid option where some data remains on your premises, or in Daisy data centres. Our Cloud Control engagement is a structured way of establishing the right solution for you. Part of this engagement focusses on your risk profile and we can architect the environment to align with what you can do, and what your constraints are. Our agnostic approach ensures you have the freedom of choice and agility to flex on your terms, backed by us.
For customers who have an aging and unwieldy infrastructure estate and are ready to migrate to the cloud, our managed Microsoft Azure proposition offers a flexible, low-cost platform that can scale. This means that customers can make savings quickly, without sacrificing their operational IT foundations upon which their business is built. Unlike other hyperscalers our managed Azure product is supported by our highly-skilled resources with a heritage in traditional infrastructure management and because of our ability to invest in providing the best design, implementation and support capabilities.
Our end-to-end capability removes the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and gives you a simple, single point of contact for the support of IT and communications. That means leveraging our scale to benefit your bottom line. From providing the simple things like email and internal systems, right through to private and public cloud, network connectivity, voice telephony and mobility, our tailored SLA-driven managed services free you up to focus on the business-critical things that drive your performance.
As a cloud services broker, we leverage the best of hyperscale public cloud services, as well as our own secure and compliant UK cloud platform, to operate your business applications in the most fit-for-purpose environment. With Daisy Flexible Infrastructure, we offer customers the ability to consume cloud services in conjunction with the security and sovereignty afforded by private cloud platforms. The platform’s flexible pay-as-you-use pricing model allows you to use different elements, including central processing unit (CPU), memory, licenses, storage and a range of managed services available to meet your specific requirements.

As a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we can help you leverage all the benefits of Microsoft Azure safely. In addition, we can provide a wealth of value-added services to ensure your cloud environment delivers the functionality and agility for digital working, along with the resiliency and security to protect your business.

We also specialise in a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions whether it’s in our own UK-based cloud or in public clouds, we can host any application and publish it to the web or your desktop. Whether you’re an independent software vendor or applications provider needing a host, or you’re an organisation with a valuable application that doesn’t fit in your internal infrastructure, our cloud services are perfect for you too. Benefit from our business understanding, nationwide infrastructure and flexible pricing models, together with the resilience, security and support that we are able to deliver to every customer.
Our capabilities ensure that capacity is available to you regardless of the solution you use, or where it’s located. All of our designs ensure that a customer doesn’t get to a cliff-edge moment where capacity is not there to fulfil the businesses requirements. Using our interconnected network, Daisy can make capacity available on-premise, in our data centres or leverage cloud storage to ensure the right type of capacity is there when it’s needed and most importantly, is secure, backed-up and recoverable in any eventuality.

Our simple but comprehensive service schedules and legal agreements ensure that as the customer you are fully briefed and aware of any inherent risks in your service. We are confident in our ability to be trusted with your business-critical applications and data. We clearly set out the rights you have as a customer for termination or migration away from Daisy and give you options to reduce exposure in our designs and demarcation points.
Security is a shared responsibility between Daisy and the customer when developing and hosting applications in the cloud. We make substantial investments in the physical, logical and operational security of our infrastructure, networks, and software. Microsoft also provides a wide range of features and tools which can be used to secure applications hosted in Microsoft Azure. We make appropriate use of Azure so that the applications and data we manage on behalf of our customers have all available security features applied.
We recommend you start with Cloud Control, a low-cost engagement that sets out a roadmap for taking your business towards a hybrid cloud strategy. This shows you the potential costs associated with cloud and the most efficient deployment/service management to suit your requirements.

Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Seat-based offers

Microsoft has launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE) to simplify and streamline the customer experience and adapt to meeting the current business needs of organisations of all sizes. As part of the NCE, there will be a change in how you and your business purchase Microsoft online services including: Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Window 365. Find out more here

Artificial Intelligence

“Today, to manage the built environment effectively, you have to digitise it in some way. We’re training drone pilots to give us digital images of areas… putting GoPro cameras on the front of trains to survey lines. It’s becoming much more of a digital environment. For us, it’s about using tools to get a better view or control of scope and scale.”
Bill Price, Systems and Technology Director at Costain


Cloud tailored to your business

We have more than 30 years’ experience managing customer infrastructures thanks to a UK-wide workforce, skilled across multiple cloud technologies.

Whatever the makeup of your IT environment, whatever your objectives, whatever your regulatory pressures, and whatever your attitude to risk, we can help.

There is no single cloud solution that fits all requirements. As a cloud service provider, we leverage the best of hyperscale public cloud services as well as our own secure UK-based platform to deliver your business applications in an optimised environment.

As more organisations adopt hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, our cloud services help you focus on your business strategy, reaping the rewards of productivity and efficiency from the cloud, while we manage the underlying technology that delivers it.

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