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We know that college or university isn’t for everyone. All of us work and learn in different ways which is why you’ll find people from all backgrounds at Daisy. If you’re the sort of person that wants to jump straight into work, earn a wage and learn some real skills in the process (whilst avoiding student debt), then an apprenticeship might be the right route for you – and we’d be happy to have you.

Reasons to choose an apprenticeship

You’d be forgiven for thinking that apprenticeships are only available for more vocational career paths, such as plumbers, hairdressers, electricians etc. but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Between 2019 and 2020, 719,000 people just like you participated in apprenticeships in England alone. From manufacturing to childcare, IT to warehousing, accounting to transportation. There’s quite literally something for everyone.

Every single person at Daisy knows that university is often perceived as the main educational route. We’ve all been in your shoes and faced the career choices you’re facing right now. But there’s more than one way to get to where you want to be. The truth is that the average student now racks up more than £50,000 of student debt by the time they graduate – and that’s before they’ve found a job! As an apprentice, you’ll be paid for your normal working hours as well as at least the one day a week you’ll spend doing your training or coursework.
Chances are, you’re on this page because you’re someone who gets a lot from doing, trying, experimenting, failing and then trying again. And we encourage all of that at Daisy. So, guess what? An apprenticeship is a fantastic option to get your career the best of starts. In fast-paced industries like technology where things change all the time and where you need to stay ahead of the competition, it’s vital that you’re learning information and skills that you’re actually going to need from the people that can give you exactly that.
By offering a more hands-on, practical approach to learning, where you learn your job or trade by actually doing that job, an apprenticeship arms you with all of the practical and personal skills you will need for the world of work. By working within a business, that essential, real-world experience is being gained without you realising. From communicating effectively with others, to teamwork, problem solving and leadership, you’ll be ready for whatever your future holds with skills that are applicable to any working environment.

Meet our apprentices

Don’t take our word for it. Find out what it’s REALLY like to work as a Daisy Apprentice and find out what a typical day looks like in teams across the business.

A day in the life of Izzy

Meet Izzy, one of our apprentice marketing assistants and find out what a typical day at Daisy looks like for her as part of our bustling marketing team.

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Apprentice Awards

Why a Daisy Apprenticeship?

Daisy is a brilliant place to work. We know it already – but we want you to know it too. Combining a relaxed working environment, outstanding professional development and really great perks, our people being happy is what keeps us happy.

Daisy’s solutions help keep Great Britain’s utilities powered, its transportation moving, its cities trading, and its high streets open for business. And thanks to us, our citizens are kept in good health, well-entertained and provided with some of the best teaching in the world. In fact, Daisy solutions are what our futures are built on…

Who we do it for

Our ability to build solutions for our customers is thanks to many of the world’s best vendors and service providers, where we hold some of the highest levels of accreditation.

Who we do it with

A Daisy Apprenticeship comes with a whole host of great benefits

A competitive salary
33 days holiday – increasing each year
Holiday purchase scheme (because we really LOVE holidays)
Paid birthday day off (who wants to work on their birthday?!)
A paid day off for your wedding or civil partnership
3 paid days off per year to volunteer (because we love to do really nice things for the world)
Pension scheme (that may seem ages away, but…)
The Exchange – fantastic savings at a variety of retailers exclusively for Daisy staff
Personalised induction programme
Access to Daisy University for virtual or classroom-based learning
Regular support and progress reviews
Dedicated ‘Daisy Apprentices’ Teams channel
Fabulous prospects and progression opportunities
Tailored on-the-job learning
Recognised professional qualifications
Real industry experience
Brilliant support and guidance from experts
The opportunity to join a dynamic, caring and forward-thinking company!

Why we’re more than “just an IT company”

We sell tech, that much is true. But in order to do that, it takes a whole load of people with a whole load of different skills and expertise. That’s why we offer various opportunities across the business; from the technical to the financial, from people to projects and even how we wrap that all up and market it. You may even end up building web pages like this one!

Apprenticeships offered:

Customer Service
Project Management
Software Development
Technical Operations

2022 Daisy Apprenticeship Awards

Daisy Star Apprentices

“Dan is amazing! He is incredibly committed and has been constantly ahead of his training throughout his apprenticeship. He is always willing to go above and beyond, displaying enthusiasm and always looking for ways to improve himself and the team. He has written process documents suggesting new ideas and implemented these within the team. There have been numerous positive comments from other business areas, stating how they appreciate Dan’s help, support and expertise. We could not have asked for a better apprentice! Dan has recently been successful in gaining promotion to SYSOPS Engineer. He is a great asset to our team.”
“We cannot express enough how well Camille has performed throughout her apprenticeship and we are incredibly proud of her. She has a wonderful, agreeable, personable nature and always rises to any challenge that we set for her. She is thorough, professional, dedicated and has developed a first-class reputation within Daisy earning the respect and plaudits of many of her colleagues. A real shining star with the potential to go on and become an invaluable asset to Daisy. And to top it all, she has just been awarded a distinction for her End Point Assessment and a promotion! A star in the making!”

Daisy Colleagues Upskilling via an Apprenticeship Winners

“Martin is an absolute credit to Daisy, his colleagues, and his customers. The hours and effort put in by Martin to manage his full time SYSOPS Manager role alongside studying for his CMI Level 5 Operational Manager Apprenticeship was outstanding and reflected his true commitment to his own development as well as his job role. We would not be able to run this team without the input, output and professionalism Martin brings to Technical Operations. Martin gained Chartered Manager status, as well as an overall distinction - and this is extremely well deserved. Well done Martin, your hard work and commitment are very much admired.”
“Joanna has such talent! She demonstrates real commitment to her role in network engineering, including working out of hours to complete work that cannot be carried out during the normal working day. Joanna is extremely intelligent, diligent, and is an effective communicator. She has expressed an intense interest in learning and developing new skills, and we have no doubt that whatever Joanna wishes to achieve, she will. Joanna is certainly a rising star, and we cannot wait to see her continue to grow with Daisy and realise her goals.”

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