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Considering changing up your career? Well, if you’re interested in a relaxed working environment, opportunities to develop and great perks, then Daisy could be the place for you! We have some great opportunities ranging from your first step on the career ladder as an apprentice, right through to the most senior positions on the top rung. Take a look at what life is like when you’re part of our team:


Charlotte Miller, Telephone Account Manager

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Areas of Sales

Our New Business sales team also known as business development or sales wizards, are the superstars who bring in new opportunities and win over new logo for Daisy. They weave their magic by find potential customers and conjuring up creative methods to generate leads. With their charm they deliver enchanting pitches, nurture relationships with potential customers and work in harmony with other teams. Their ultimate goal, to hit sales targets and help Daisy grow, by turning leads into happy customers.

In the world of Managed Services, our Account Managers are our customers personal guides, here to ensure their journey is smooth and delightful. They are our customers trusted partner, understanding their unique needs and crafting tailor-made solutions for them. Like a friendly navigator they steer our customers through the complexities of IT and technical operations, making sure they have the best tools and support at their fingertips.

Our Bid Managers are the masterminds behind the scenes, orchestrating the exciting journey of creating and submitting proposals, supporting our sales teams and helping them to win new opportunities and renew contracts with our customers. They work their magic by leading a virtual team of cross-function experts, forming quality customer focused content, and making sure a commercially compelling bid is delivered right on time. From analysing requirements to nailing the proposal structure, they have it covered. Their key skills includes being creative, coordinating, risk assessing and a will to win, whilst collaboration plays a leading role.

In the realm of sales, the sales specialists are ready to cater to our customers every need. They are armed with deep knowledge and expertise in their domain. Like a helpful advisor, they listen to our customers requirements and then present perfect solutions, tailored just for them.

Our Internal Sales Executives are enthusiastic sales dynamos, they reach out to customers, presenting amazing products and services with a smile. They are the friendly voice on the phone, on email and through virtual meetings. They play a crucial role in driving revenue expanding Daisy’s customer base with their excellent communication skills, sales acumen and ability to build strong relationships.

Our sales support teams are the heroes behind the scene making our sales department shine. They handle the paperwork, organise sales materials, and keep customer records in tip-top shape. With their help, our account managers can focus on building connections and closing deals. From answering customer enquiries to ensuring smooth order processing, they keep everything running. They are the ultimate sidekicks, making sure the sales team is always ready for success.

Our Sales Grads kickstart their careers with us, as they dive in to the world of Daisy, they get the exciting opportunity to learn the ropes and get hands on experience on how a business works, getting all they support they need along the way. They get to immerse themselves in key areas finding themselves in customer services, sales support, retentions, validation and project management, before finally jumping two feet into sales.

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