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Align levels of protection and recovery to your data, according to its importance

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Want complete peace of mind?

We can provide it – thanks to our 30 years of recovery expertise, our industry-leading services and our award-winning people.

Don’t want to lose data?

Whatever backup platform you currently use, we can help you recover your historic data once you’ve switched.

Nervous about switching?

We know your replicated data is critical. That’s why we offer a full proof of concept prior to switching to Daisy.

Want to save money?

With all your data protected by one service you get more value and more recovery options.

We can help you reduce your carbon footprint

By bringing on-premise services for backup and storage into our UK-based secure Daisy cloud or the public cloud.

We can help you build a business case

That includes how you can deliver cost, risk-mitigation, insurance or resilience benefits to your business.

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Data is key to your business.

Protecting it and ensuring its effective recovery from any interruptions can be complex and expensive. Daisy makes it more cost-effective and easier to manage.

Daisy is one of very few services providers with the business recovery expertise to protect your data securely, compliantly and cost-effectively whether it resides on-premise, in a virtual environment, in a private or public cloud or any combination of these.

Simple, secure, cost-effective and compliant

We are unique in our technology-agnostic approach, partnering closely with many leading vendors, including Veeam, Acronis, Zerto, NetApp and Carbonite to make sure the solution we deliver is the right one, for you.

Daisy simplifies all of your data protection by including replication and backup services and blending live and archive technologies to deliver cost and efficiency savings.

You can ‘mix and match’ service levels across Essentials, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus, for as little support as you need for file data up to as much support as you need for business-critical data – all from one solution.

Easy to deploy, cost-effective and compliant, you have the peace of mind that your business-critical data is protected by the UK’s leading recovery specialist.

Why Daisy for data and IT protection?

  • UK’s leading business continuity provider for more than 30 years
  • We recover on average one customer every week, year on year
  • We have multi-award-winning people, services and physical infrastructure
  • We protect more than 15 Petabytes of critical customer data
  • We have more than 5600 pre-configured work area recovery work area recovery seats ready and waiting in the UK

Daisy offers a comprehensive range of support options, allowing you the flexibility to choose what is right for your business – support only, co-managed, fully managed or something bespoke to your business.

BCI Global Awards
BCI European Awards
CIR Business Continuity Awards Winner

“Daisy’s backup solution has enhanced the way we manage and monitor our IT backup & recovery strategy on an everyday basis. We involved members of our IT specialist and architecture teams who worked closely with Daisy support teams from the entire backup/recovery design, development, and implementation phases through to validation.”

Lak Singh, Database Adminstrator, IT Services and Solutions
West Brom

Daisy makes it easy to protect and recover your data

Rest assured that Daisy can help you on your digital journey, as well as provide you with the confidence that your recovery time and recovery point objectives can be met in any eventuality.

Frequently asked questions

Your data is stored in Daisy-owned and operated UK data centres.
All data is encrypted ‘in flight’, using customer-managed security credentials. In addition, data can be encrypted ‘at rest’ where required.
Bandwidth requirements vary hugely depending on the rate-of-change of your servers. However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend approximately 1Mbit of network bandwidth per 250GB of protected data.
The presentation of recovered servers depends on a few things, such as the level of service and your specific requirements. Daisy can present back a single server, a group of servers or an entire site. The routing and links required to do this need to be in place and this is managed as part of the deployment process.
For Enterprise level service, Daisy recovery staff are on hand. They are fully-trained in helping you recover your systems and data during a disaster and will provide full technical support and assistance. For Enterprise Plus, Daisy will manage the entire recovery end to end.
Daisy manages the infrastructure that supports your data protection in our data centres as standard. If you need help, we have a business hours support desk. We also provide a fully-managed service under our Enterprise Plus tier, which means that we will look after everything from scheduling backups to providing recovery when you need it.
Typically, recovery time depends on your level of service. Enterprise and Enterprise Plus service levels cater for immediate recovery, through to more traditional backup and restore for less time-sensitive recovery requirements. Backup and restore take longer than instant recovery and this time depends on the amount of data that you have to restore. Daisy provides instant recovery services that can have your servers back up and running in as little as 15 minutes, with almost zero data loss.
The status of data replication jobs is monitored by you and Daisy. Alerts are configurable, and an email is sent out whenever an alert is triggered.
Daisy monitors backup jobs within our Enterprise Plus service level.
For Enterprise Plus services, backup jobs will be monitored by the Daisy support team, and issues will be resolved automatically. You will be notified by a member of the Daisy support team if there is a backup error that requires any changes to be made to your infrastructure.
The service is typically charged annually in advance, with flexible over-usage billed monthly in arrears, which can be opted out of to avoid any additional costs.
Daisy will typically build some growth into your allocated quota. However, should you use more than your quota, we provide flexible, overusage billed monthly in arrears. Reports predicting future usage trends can also be generated.
Absolutely. Most people are backing up non-important file data in the same way and at the same cost as their business-critical data. We can deliver a consultancy assessment that analyses your data so that you can identify what to protect, and at what level of service.
Our service is underpinned by best-of-breed technology which will vary depending on each customer’s requirements. The level of reporting and analytics you will receive depends on the underlying technology that we use to deliver your service.
With no hidden or unexpected costs, we offer a clear, transparent upfront price to help you plan your data protection budget. Typically, we will also save you time by giving you one solution for all your data protection and recovery needs in one place, from one provider. We will help you save on space by providing tiered storage, allowing you to reap cost savings by keeping critical data available and archiving less important data, to cheaper storage.
We can protect your data wherever it resides. If you decide to migrate to a public cloud or a hybrid environment, we can help. Our CloudBridge service is designed specifically to help you build the most appropriate cloud environment for your business objectives. It enables you to move workloads between public, private and on-premise platforms, as your business flexes, helping you to control costs and maintain productivity.
Yes! The ability to flex in this way is one of the key benefits of our solution, which has been designed with the demands of a modern business in mind.
The recovery time objective (RTO) is set by you to meet the demands of your business in terms of the length of time your business can withstand an incident. Daisy’s solution provides multiple options in terms of RTO and recovery point objectives (RPO) so that you can select the right level of service for your data, as appropriate.
To provide you with a flexible, scalable solution, Daisy’s solution runs on a shared platform. Each customer is designated their own, logical, securely separated area for their data to reside. It is not possible for customers to have access to each other’s data.
Daisy has the following ISO certifications:
Information Security Management: ISO27001, Quality Management: ISO9001, Business Continuity Management Systems: ISO22301 and Environmental Management System: ISO14001
Yes, of course. In addition, working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and CREST, we undertake IT health check services (CHECK) certified penetration testing at all Daisy data and business continuity centres.
We have hundreds of eBackup customers across both public and private sector organisations in all industries. Many customers have invoked with us, and many more have successfully recovered locally (with no help from us required). We will be happy to give you reference details upon application.
Implementation time varies but is typically completed within six weeks from contract signature.
Implementation is carried out by trained technicians who will be on hand to ensure the service is implemented fully.
A welcome pack is provided, along with specific documentation relevant to the level of service you have taken.
Yes the RACI matrix is provided within the proposal and details the responsibilities of both you and Daisy.
Archiving is available as a standalone service or as part of an Enterprise solution for more intelligent storage tiering.
Archive data is always split across three Daisy-owned, UK-based data centres.
The service makes backing up and restoring single files very simple.
The length of time it would take you to recover all of your data would vary, depending on how much data you have protected with Daisy, as well as how you have protected it (backup, replication or archive), so it is impossible to provide a generic answer.
Absolutely. Daisy’s service allows this flexibility if you need it.
We are unable to answer that without an understanding of your current strategy. We do have an excellent assessment tool which takes just 15 minutes to complete, provides an evaluation of your current strategy, and gives you an indicative cost based on the brief information you provide which makes it easy for you to compare costs with your incumbent provider.
During your transition to deploying and using Daisy services, you will have an assigned team to call along every step of the way. This team will fit into your transition process providing documentation, deployment or deployment help (depending on the services taken), product training and handover.
Yes, we can deliver your solution as a fully-managed service via our Enterprise Plus service level.