Intent-Based Networking
(Cisco DNA Centre)

A better way to control and manage your network

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Intent-based networking is a new approach to networking. One that is not dependent on continuous attention and manual intervention by administrators, but one that understands what your organisation needs and makes it happen. Intent-based networking is the difference between doing thousands of tasks manually and having an automated system that helps you focus your time on core business goals.
Cisco DNA Centre is the foundational controller and intent-based analytics platform at the heart of Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), which is Cisco’s intent-based network for the enterprise. Cisco DNA Centre provides a single dashboard for every fundamental management task to simplify running your network. IT teams can respond to changes and challenges faster and more intelligently and distribute policies and manage workflows throughout your entire enterprise regardless of location.
Cisco DNA Centre is an open and extensible platform, which means you do not have to have an exclusive Cisco network. Regardless of the complexity of your hybrid architectures that incorporate multiple campuses, remote branches and cloud architectures, Cisco DNA Centre can help simplify it.

Benefits of Cisco DNA Centre

  • Simplify network management: Manage your enterprise network over a centralised dashboard
  • Deploy networks in minutes, not days: Using intuitive workflows, Cisco DNA Centre makes it easy to design, provision, and apply policy across your network
  • Reduce human error: Policy-driven automation reduces downtime and improves security
  • Predict problems before they happen: Analytics and assurance use network insights to optimise network performance and deliver the best user and application experience
  • Get end-to-end visibility: Provides 360-degree network visibility across your enterprise with full context through data and insights

How Cisco DNA Centre works

Everything is managed from the Cisco DNA Centre dashboard, which provides an intuitive and straightforward overview of network health and clear drill-down menus for quickly identifying and remediating issues. The network design interface allows quick creation of physical maps and logical views of all network deployment locations. Automation and orchestration provide zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) based on profiles facilitating remote branch network deployment. Advanced assurance and analytics capabilities use deep insights from devices, streaming telemetry, and rich context to deliver an uncompromised experience while proactively monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimising your wired and wireless network.

A trusted Cisco partner

Daisy has been a Cisco Gold Partner for more than 16 years. We have more than 50 Cisco certified staff who have the expertise and experience required to deliver reliable, scalable and highly-secure IT infrastructures to our customers.
A trusted Cisco partner