Network Transformation in the Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality network transformation

Network Transformation in the Hospitality Industry: Fortinet and Wireless Social Leading the Way

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, providing seamless and secure connectivity has become a top priority for hoteliers, restaurateurs, bars and pub chains alike. As guests increasingly rely on digital services and expect fast and reliable Wi-Fi, network transformation has emerged as a critical component for success. This article explores the collaboration we have built with Fortinet, a leading cyber security company, and Wireless Social, a prominent provider of guest Wi-Fi solutions. Find out how our partnership is revolutionising the hospitality industry.

The importance of network transformation:

Network transformation refers to the process of modernising and enhancing network infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the digital era. With the proliferation of mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications, hospitality establishments need robust and scalable networks to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Fortinet: reinforcing network security:

Fortinet, a global leader in cyber security, plays a vital role in network transformation by ensuring the highest levels of security. Their comprehensive security solutions are designed to protect pub, hotel and restaurant networks from cyber threats, such as data breaches, malware, and unauthorised access. Fortinet’s unified threat management (UTM) solutions consolidate multiple security functions into a single platform, making it easier for hospitality businesses to manage their network security effectively.

Wireless Social: elevating guest experience:

Wireless Social specialises in guest Wi-Fi solutions and provide advanced analytics and marketing tools for the hospitality industry. Their innovative platform enables businesses to offer secure and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to guests while simultaneously capturing valuable customer data. By leveraging this data, pubs, bar, hotels, and restaurants can personalise guest experiences, send targeted promotions, and gain insights to improve operational efficiency.

Daisy: bringing it all together:

Daisy specialises in delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our hospitality customers, enabling everything from managing guest data, optimising reservation systems, and implementing efficient back-office operations for better performance. Daisy empowers hospitality businesses to enhance guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and stay ahead in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Collaboration benefits for the hospitality industry:

The partnership between Daisy, Fortinet and Wireless Social brings a range of benefits to the hospitality industry:

  1. Enhanced security: by combining Fortinet’s industry-leading security solutions with Wireless Social’s guest Wi-Fi platform, hospitality establishments can create a secure environment for both guests and their networks.
  2. Seamless guest connectivity: Wireless Social’s advanced Wi-Fi solutions, integrated with Fortinet’s network infrastructure, ensure that guests can connect effortlessly and enjoy uninterrupted access throughout their stay or visit.
  3. Personalised marketing: the collaboration enables hotels, pubs, bars, and restaurants to collect valuable guest data, such as demographic information and preferences. With this data, businesses can tailor marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and offers to provide a personalised experience, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  4. Improved operational efficiency: the insights gained from Wireless Social’s analytical tools can help hospitality businesses optimise operations. Gaining insight into peak hours, customer flow patterns and popular amenities, establishments can make informed decisions to streamline their services and allocate resources effectively.
  5. Future-proof infrastructure: Fortinet’s scalable solutions allow hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants to adapt and grow their network infrastructure as technology advances. This flexibility ensures that businesses can keep up with the changing demands of the industry and remain competitive.


Network transformation is revolutionising the hospitality industry, enabling hotels, pubs, bars, and restaurants to provide secure and seamless connectivity to their guests. The partnership between Daisy, Fortinet and Wireless Social exemplifies the convergence of network security and guest experience, helping establishments enhance their services, improve operational efficiency, and drive customer loyalty. As technology continues to evolve, collaborations such as this will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the hospitality industry, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of innovation and guest satisfaction.

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