Unlocking Digital Acceleration: The Power of Converged Security and Networking

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In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, organisations just like yours are facing immense pressure to differentiate themselves by improving processes, enhancing efficiency, and delivering superior value to stakeholders.

Achieving these goals is only possible through digital acceleration, a critical catalyst that allows businesses to swiftly introduce new products and services, while providing an optimal user experience across the board.

However, the success of your digital acceleration hinges on the ability of your network to surpass its previous capabilities and handle the increased demands placed upon it. A network pushed beyond its intended limits invariably invites heightened risks of network downtime and security breaches, stifling progress and leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber threats.

To address these challenges, a revolutionary approach is required: the convergence of networking and security into a unified solution. Secure networking is an integral part of this approach. It effectively minimises risks, while empowering the essential functions that drive digital acceleration and align with your overarching business objectives.

By embracing a secure networking strategy, you can proactively mitigate risks and fortify your digital infrastructure against emerging threats.


How Digital Acceleration Elevates Network Demands

Organisations are realising the immense potential for digital acceleration to act as a catalyst, helping them to achieve numerous tangible benefits that propel them towards success. However, as businesses embrace this transformative journey, their networks face unprecedented challenges, as they are tasked with assuming more roles than ever before.

The addition of solutions that enhance business agility introduces a new level of complexity to the network infrastructure. These solutions, although invaluable, often differ in structure and location. They may reside within the confines of the corporate network, accessible only to authorised personnel, or be available to a wider range of users. They may also be hosted in public or private clouds, or even on-premises. This sets the stage for potential IT complexities and increases the risk of misapplied permissions or security settings for these diverse applications.

As you have no doubt experienced, the modern workforce has also become increasingly mobile, traversing locations with unparalleled fluidity. This growing hybrid workforce demands continuous, secure access to resources, both within and beyond the corporate network. With this heightened mobility comes a surge in network access challenges, surpassing the obstacles faced by their on-site predecessors.

The installation of automated control systems in buildings also ushers in a new era of technological innovation. These systems ingeniously leverage the power of internet of things (IoT) devices, each with its own unique capabilities and security postures dispersed throughout the site. This paradigm shift has blurred the lines that previously separated distinct domains, creating challenges that are not limited to traditional operational technology installations.


Mitigating Compounded Risk: Securing Digital Acceleration

The remarkable benefits of digital acceleration come hand in hand with heightened risks to the network. In the fast-paced environment of IT teams, security considerations are often relegated to an afterthought. It is imperative that you recognise and address the cyber security risks stemming from digital acceleration in order to fortify your network against potential threats.

Network downtime is a prevalent issue that can arise from various sources, whether it be a malicious attack, or complications within the infrastructure itself. The seamless integration of disparate systems is a common scenario within digital acceleration that frequently leads to inadequate testing and compatibility issues. Consequently, network downtime occurs, abruptly halting the progress driven by digital acceleration and significantly impacting productivity.

The increasing complexity of the overall system further exacerbates security challenges as new applications and technologies continue to come online. Amidst the urgency of digital acceleration, comprehensive security measures are often overlooked, leaving insecure networks vulnerable to attacks and data loss. To address this risk, IT teams require centralised policy-setting capabilities, ensuring that security protocols are consistently and reliably deployed across the network. This crucial measure prevents settings from drifting and creating security gaps that can be exploited.


Unleashing the Power of Secure Networking

In the era of digital acceleration, your need for comprehensive security solutions has never been more critical. Enter secure networking: a game-changing approach that combines networking and security equipment into a converged solution, unleashing unparalleled efficiency while closing the gaps in your security.

By integrating networking and security, secure networking offers a multitude of benefits that are unmatched in traditional setups. Let’s delve into the advantages this innovative solution brings to the table:

  • More Effective Security:

    Secure networking provides robust protection against cyber threats, delivering peace of mind by significantly strengthening your network’s resilience. With real-time threat detection and mitigation capabilities at its core, our secure networking solution empowers you to proactively identify and neutralise potential risks, reducing detection time from months to mere hours.

  • Streamlined Management:

    Managing networking and security becomes a breeze with secure networking. No longer will you have to deal with the complexities of disparate systems and devices. Our converged architecture allows for seamless management, enabling IT teams to oversee both networking and security functionalities from a centralised and intuitive interface. This consolidation of management tasks not only boosts operational efficiency, but also reduces the chances of misconfiguration and human error.

  • Simplified Licensing:

    Wave goodbye to the days of confusing licences and subscriptions. Secure networking eliminates the hassle of navigating multiple licensing agreements by providing a unified licensing model. This unified approach streamlines the procurement process, ensuring that you have clear visibility and control over your investments.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

    Secure networking not only fortifies your network’s security, but also contributes to cost savings. By consolidating networking and security capabilities, you can enjoy economies of scale, resulting in reduced hardware costs, simplified maintenance, and optimised resource allocation.

With secure networking, IT groups can secure their networks with confidence. Our intuitive architectural approach integrates the necessary security and management features into one centrally managed solution, empowering your organisation to minimise risk and maximise productivity.

Don’t leave your network vulnerable. We are ready to act as your trusted partner, offering our teams of specialist experts who can unlock the power of secure networking. Reach out to us today to discover how we can tailor our comprehensive solutions to your specific needs. Let’s embark on your secure digital transformation journey.

Secure your network, elevate your defences, and embrace the future, together with Daisy.

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