Public Cloud

Maximise your return on investment with our public cloud services

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Delivering a complete suite of public cloud services using Microsoft Azure, we provide a full spectrum of services from initial consulting, through migration, to ongoing managed services and continuous optimisation.

Ensuring that our customers extract maximum value from their investment and deliver their business outcomes, Daisy provides the underpinning support in the public cloud to ensure that the platform is kept secure, accessible, reliable, and rightsized.

Microsoft Azure

Simplify your cloud operations with Azure.

Migrating and running your IT infrastructure in the cloud can often be a complex task with many considerations that require expert knowledge of IT infrastructure and services across on-premises, privately hosted and public cloud environments. Getting the maximum value from a hybrid cloud model is crucial.

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Microsoft 365

Wherever you are in your Microsoft 365 adoption, from simply considering if it is a good idea through to realising you are “all in”, Daisy can assist you in your journey. Microsoft 365 by Daisy is built and designed around 8 key areas which are:

  • Consult
  • Procure
  • Migrate
  • Secure
  • Train
  • Manage
  • Collaborate
  • Backup

Our sales specialists and pre-sales consultants will work with you to ensure we find the right solutions and services for your business requirements.

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Quantum 365 by Daisy

Quantum 365 by Daisy is designed to help organisations revolutionise their understanding and, more importantly, the management of their Microsoft 365 estate. This innovative cloud-based cost optimisation and asset management tool offers unrivalled visibility across the Microsoft 365 cloud environment.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Daisy knows that no single cloud solution fits all. That is why our experts can help you design or reinvent your perfect cloud environment – and if that includes public cloud, we will give you a helping hand there too.

If you are unsure about your cloud strategy, how to get started, or whether cloud is even suitable for your business, Daisy can help you every step of the way. Our cloud experts will walk you through everything, from what to put in the cloud, all the way through to a blueprint for deployment.

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Cloud Security

As users increasingly work remotely and applications move towards the cloud, protecting your virtual perimeter is increasingly difficult, but vital. Daisy’s long experience with delivering cloud solutions means we are ideally placed to help protect your organisation, wherever and whenever.

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Cloud Applications

Providing the core infrastructure and services for your organisation is, of course, crucial. But delivering true value is only achieved through the delivery of the applications relevant to you. Providing managed services for cloud, voice, and contact centre solutions, as well as data science and Microsoft 365, we can help you uncover real value in your cloud applications.

Unlock the value of your data With Daisy’s data science assessment. Boost revenue, save costs and increase efficiencies.

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Artificial Intelligence