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Talking to your customers and your teams has never been more important or more complex. From a web search to a web chat; from a voice call to social media, you need to handle them all, from one central view.

Our experts can discuss your requirements and ensure that you get a solution that’s the best possible fit for your organisation, sourcing from one of our many partners at the leading edge of contact centre technology.

With access to the broader market and expert knowledge of these solutions, we can wrap this solution into any of our other products and services. Whether that be Mobile, Cloud, a collaboration tool like Teams, or a Connectivity and Security solution which ensures you have the bandwidth and the confidence to fully-enable homeworking, our specialists can provide a full-service wrap to suit your needs.

Why improve customer experience (CX)?

67% of customers prefer self-service to speaking to a representative.

Only 1 in 26 unhappy customers complain, meaning for every complaint you may be losing 26 customers.

The number of companies investing in the omnichannel experience has jumped from 20% to more than 80%.

Key challenges

Adapting to change

Contact centre flexibility has been a challenge throughout the pandemic. The ability to easily change locations or enable homeworking is now a necessity. Whatever contact centre technology you operate, our specialists can advise on how to increase flexibility whilst considering your overall business strategy and any constraints.

Resolving customer queries faster and better

Resolving customers queries quickly and professionally is important to get right, as it leaves a lasting negative impression when it goes wrong. Consulting with a specialist can be the difference between a great customer experience and needlessly complex systems full of blind spots, dead ends, and unhappy customers.

Staff management and monitoring

Throughout the pandemic, virtual and hybrid contact centres have had the task of keeping their staff engaged, productive and happy. Analytics and workforce management can play a significant role here, and these tools can be fundamental to success.


Cost reduction or a switch from hefty CapEx investments to monthly subscription pricing are two big challenges organisations face. In some cases, organisations can simultaneously switch to a simple monthly subscription and save money at the same time.

Customer experience and relationships

A great customer experience and healthy customer relationships are vital in any business. One of the biggest investment areas it also yields some of the biggest rewards.

Connect with customers on the channel of their choice

Known as omnichannel, interacting with customers on their channel of choice is fast becoming an expectation - communicating on social media, web chat or WhatsApp, for example. Increasingly, customers do not want to speak to anyone in person, instead preferring to find the answer to their question via a self-service channel.

Reducing downtime to zero

It’s all well and good having the latest tech, but you need to ensure your agents can still operate when things go wrong. Our specialists can advise on business continuity and disaster recovery planning so you can continue working whatever happens.

Call quality and compliance

Ensuring calls and recordings are not garbled or disconnecting is a must, and other areas of your IT such as connectivity will need to be considered. Our specialists can ensure that everything is in place to keep you compliant with your industry and safeguard your call quality with SLAs.

Remote working and hybrid contact centre

With the rise of remote and homeworking over the pandemic period, there is a new requirement for virtual and hybrid contact centre capability. With a virtual contact centre, your agents can work anywhere, increasing employee satisfaction, and in doing so, providing a better experience for your customers. Read more about virtual contact centre in this informative whitepaper.

Answer the Call: The Virtual Contact Centre in a Post Pandemic World >>

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Customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is one of the best yielding returns on investment (ROI) investment areas and is predicted to be the most significant investment area among large-cap organisations in 2021. If you are not currently investing in CX, then you may be missing out on:
Increased profits
Increase customer retention rates
Better employee satisfaction and lower staff churn
Better customer experience
So, what are the best ways to invest in CX? Well, customers are willing to pay more for a product or service if their customer experience is better than competitors in the following areas (in order):
1 Efficiency
2 Convenience
3 Friendly service
4 Knowledgeable service
5 Easy payment
6 Human interaction
7 Up-to-date technology
8 Personalisation
9 Easy mobile experience
Check out our infographic: Customer Experience Launchpad >>

Which contact centre features do I need to improve CX?

To level-up CX and subsequently get the best ROI from your contact centre, you’ll need to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently. With a top-down view of key metrics and analytics to influence decisions, and intuitive and straightforward ways for customers and agents to connect, resolutions can be swift and drama free.

It’s no surprise that contact centre analytics can improve the customer experience. A simple dashboard with core metrics and the ability to drill down into detail with ease is essential to improve any data-led business activity.
Your customers are looking to contact you via the channel of their choice, such as: - Webchat - Email - Social media - Whatsapp or other instant messaging - Phone If this service isn’t available it can create a negative opinion of your brand, making people think you are either out of touch or worse still, that you just don’t care.
By getting the right queries to the right people (routing calls and enquiries) at the right time, you can vastly improve first call resolution and the experience for everyone involved (customers and agents alike).
Monitoring and engaging with agents and staff is more critical than ever. Ensure agents are delivering great customer experiences, with quality management and engagement tools.
Ensuring your contact centre can remain operational when things don’t go to plan can be the difference between hitting or missing targets.
Call recording is essential in many industries for compliance purposes. You need to know that you are compliant with all the regulations that apply.
Data is the new oil. Your customers’ information should be treated as if it’s your most precious asset. With homeworking, the attack surface has changed, and organisations are more vulnerable than ever. Security should always be a key consideration, which our specialists are happy to discuss with you.
A solution that is simple to manage enables you to focus on improving CX and boosting your ROI instead of worrying about users, licences and location management.

Every organisation has different requirements. A one-size-fits-all or cookiecutter solution can work in some cases, while a more complex tailor-fit solution will work in others. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our experts.

Why Daisy for contact centre?

Our experienced and accredited product specialists and engineers have access to a wide range of products and solutions on the market. By consulting with you and understanding your business, our specialists can help you fine-tune your requirements and provide expert knowledge on which solutions will work best for you. We also have a wide range of other complementary solutions which can be offered end-to-end as a full-service wrap including financing options, enabling you to upgrade to the latest tech and spread the cost over a monthly subscription price.

DCS can provide:

  • Sophisticated routing capabilities for better customer engagement
  • Seamless, lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) solutions
  • Superior call recording capabilities
  • A range of productivity tools and real-time reporting
  • Enhanced caller satisfaction with our presence integration feature
  • Backup, protection and recovery of critical data
  • Transport for staff to Daisy recovery sites across the UK
  • Replacement equipment or computer room during an IT outage
  • Standby contact centre ready for use in emergencies

To find out more get in touch and find out how we can help make your business smarter through technology.

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