Customer experience is now considered a key competitive differentiator because it directly correlates with customer retention. Customers who experience poor CX or who are frustrated by a lack of channels on which to communicate with organisations are likely to not only take their business elsewhere, but also to broadcast that frustration.

With over a quarter of the world’s population now using social media, it doesn’t take much for a negative experience (or a positive one for that matter) to be shared virally online.

The bottom line is, investing in CX pays, and here is the proof*:

  • 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience
  • 73% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions
  • 65% of buyers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising


Drive retention, loyalty, positive reviews and word of mouth

The benefits of providing a great customer experience are huge, and the positive effects filter down to all areas of the business – including the bottom line. Engaging positively, delivering great service to your customers, resolving issues quickly and eliminating the barriers that exist between the customer and the organisation opens up your business to a world of positive reviews, positive word of mouth, customer retention and brand loyalty.

These are all critical drivers of revenue and growth, and the good news is, there are a range of solutions available to invest in which can deliver these outcomes.

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How Daisy Can Help

Automated emails, text messages, social media notifications and engagements, callbacks – these can drastically improve customer experience if executed properly.
From automated chatbot integration to real-time artificial intelligence (AI) call distribution, the world of AI/ML has made its mark on the contact centre and the world of CX. It is able to remove a lot of the heavy lifting, freeing up resource, improving KPIs and aiding your agents and employees.
Automatic call distribution (ACD) solutions have significantly evolved to now act as ‘media routing engines’. Gone are the days of only requiring the placement of inbound telephone calls, today contact centre solutions need to:

  • Route all forms of media against a consistent service level agreement (SLA)
  • Route interactions to the correct resources at the correct time (skills-based routing)
  • Provide a fantastic “in-queue” experience, regardless of media
  • Allow the ability to slice and dice data in both real-time and historical periods
Contact centre management and reporting applications provide a rich toolset for businesses and operational insight into your contact centre’s performance.
By working with all of the leading vendors, we will ensure that you stay compliant by working with you to find the right product to suit your organisation.
Daisy can ensure that the networks and infrastructure your systems run on don’t let you down. Ranging from simple business broadband to dedicated Internet access solutions and managed multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) services, we give you a tailored, business-grade, ‘always on’ connection – with performance and price levels to suit you, and the scale and capacity to grow as you do.
We can provide training for all of your staff, whether it’s face-to-face or online support and webinar training.
With a Unified Communications (UC) solution working for you, we can ramp up motivation levels within your contact centre – improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Benefit from shorter processing times and fewer callbacks by enabling your agents to involve other teams in real-time customer interactions via video calling, desktop sharing and chat, without the need for breaking the conversation or transferring to an alternative platform.

A contact centre embedded with UC is not only great news for your customers, it also benefits your employees and their efficiency levels. An intuitively-unified interface combines voice, messaging, audio, video and web conferencing together. And that means optimising the interaction between your business processes in both your front and back offices.

With customer relationship management (CRM) integration, your agents can access customer data and relationship history – vital in an age when contact centres need to deal with demand from more sources than ever while simultaneously maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Go an extra step with CRM and computer telephony integration (CTI), where customer information is presented to your agent before a call is answered, allowing your agents to familiarise themselves with the customer and their data before an interaction commences.

Once only relevant to the financial services sector, call recording now has an essential role to play in a wide variety of contact centre settings. Our multimedia recording solutions provide fast access to stored text data and dialogue using intuitive keyword indexing.
The conversation between you and your customers can benefit hugely from targeted performance evaluations and KPI-based quality management processes.

The ability to share recorded conversations, and for them to be analysed and communicated across your business, boosts the quality and consistency of your customer engagement.

Resourcing your contact centre need not be complex or costly. Our employee scheduling software gives you the insight and control to target your resources according to your own unique requirements. It will also help boost agent productivity and satisfaction, adding yet further value.
Support your workforce and develop your voice, email, chat, desktop and call flow by understanding the quality and content of your processes. Mine valuable information hidden in customer interactions to discover what they like and dislike about your products and services. As a result, optimise your interactions and be better prepared for the future.
Daisy’s IVR solution allows inbound enquiries across all forms of media to access ‘self-service’ applications that lower the time-and-cost-to-gain for many simple functions. Examples include:

  • Automated meter readings
  • Mileage applications for fleet management
  • Brochure requests
  • Payment lines
  • Situation alerts

Our IVR solutions are also used at the front of a call to reduce the time agents need for ID and verification activity. Today’s IVR solutions span multiple media channels. A call to request a brochure can trigger delivery via email, followed by a confirmation SMS message – solutions are only limited by your imagination.

The key to a good dialler solution is the ability to connect the right contact, at the right time, at the lowest cost to the business.

The perfect solution comes with a deep understanding of a business and its objectives. For example, debt recovery companies care little about the customer experience, but very much about a positive resolution. Conversely, a premiere service from a bank will be entirely focused on providing an amazing customer experience.

Our dialler solutions provide a platform for multimedia workflows, starting typically with the intelligent placing of an outbound call.

We offer solutions that cover preview, power and predictive environments, as well as multimedia integration and workflow control.
They also include concise agent scripting, as well as powerful reporting and analytic dimensions.

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Why Daisy for CX?

Talking to your customers and your teams has never been more complex or important. From a web search to a web chat; from a voice call to social media – you need to be able to handle them all from one central view. Join those dots, and watch your levels of cohesion soar.

Connect better with your customers

Knowing more about your customers and how they interact with you and your teams can drive real improvement across your business.

We can give you the tools to talk to your customers in the way they want you to, as well as the insight to make sure you are getting the most back from the process:

  • Matching calls analytics – Enhancing your customer experience and taking control of compliance
  • Strong partnerships – Highest-level vendor accreditations
  • End-to-end offering – Optimising your workforce
  • Self–managed billing – Online portal ‘MyAccount’
  • Business continuity – Backup, protection and recovery of critical data and replacement of equipment and standby of contact centre ready for use in an emergency

Working with the best to deliver the best

Every contact centre implementation requires the highest technological standards to guarantee security, compliance and business continuity.

For this reason, our experts are trained to meet the highest possible levels of certification for the technologies of our strategic partners.

We have the following accreditations with our strategic partners Cisco and Mitel.

  • For Cisco we have Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialisation, Advanced Unified Computing Technology Specialization and Authorised Technology Partner (ATP) for both; Unified Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE) and Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX).
  • For Mitel we have contact centre experts across Solidus and MiContact Centre.
  • For Avaya we have contact centre Expert across IP office ACCS and Aura.