Making the Education Sector Even Smarter Through Technology [Guide]

make the education sector even smarter through technology

Embracing the digital revolution through partnership

The tertiary education sector is rapidly adopting a “digital first” model, as universities and other institutions rethink how teaching is delivered and how students access services. Navigating this change process calls on a range of competencies, from mastering new learning applications to ensuring students are fully supported and giving IT staff the tools and skills they need to deliver.

At Daisy, we are passionate about the role digital has to play in enriching the learning experience for students and staff alike. We understand that digital systems and platforms must be seamlessly integrated to create a joined-up learning experience, while data must be harnessed as effectively as possible while maximising security and complying with regulations.

It’s why, with future generations in mind, we’re poised and ready to help you build and develop your sustainable digital strategy.

We already work with more than 150 leading higher and further educational institutions…


Working with you

Our deep understanding of your unique pressures and requirements means that we can work with you to connect the unconnected, and create better ways of doing things in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

We’ve helped more than 150 further and higher education providers satisfy the IT expectations of today’s students and optimise their own operational efficiencies. We enable a modern “digital first” approach, with a tailored blend of hybrid cloud, smart connectivity, cyber security, data analytics and end-to-end managed services.

We recognise that students and staff need to connect easily, securely on-or-off campus, while ensuring your systems and student data is protected, as well as getting everything you need from your digital transformation, are the biggest challenges facing every institution…

Unified CommunicationsUnified Communications
Cyber SecurityCyber Security

Our specialist teams can help you to overcome the following challenges…

Adapting to change

The ability to easily adapt learning environments and applications is key – with hybrid cloud, you can maximise the efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of your IT while satisfying the changing needs of individual departments. While some services and workloads can be moved to a public cloud environment (for example, if on-demand scalability is a priority), others can be kept onsite or in a private data centre.


Create a modern IT user experience

Up-to-date digital technology and digital integration is now a must-have for new students and staff – making it integral to recruitment and retention. Unsurprisingly however, today’s campuses often rely on a mix of old and new technologies, with legacy systems and practices that can’t be easily updated and instead need to be accommodated securely.

The Daisy team can help you provide a resilient, dynamic, easy-to-use IT experience that meets the needs of students, academics and support staff, while giving you access to vital skills and bridging the gap between old and new


Maximise your operational resilience

As digital transformation in the sector gathers pace, the volume of potential cyber threats is also expanding. IT staff within universities and other institutions need robust plans in place to ensure they can continue delivering services, even in the face of disruption.

The Daisy team can help you maximise resilience with a tailored blend of cyber security, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, which provide defence against attacks, multiple lines of backup system outages, third-party supply failures and even natural disasters. Ensuring IT teams are enabling always-on environments for the students and staff


Connect easily, securely on-or-off-campus

It is important to make your students and staff feel supported wherever they are. Being able to connect, meet, collaborate and access services remotely is a basic expectation for today’s students, and for faculty members as well. Your Daisy team can make this digital integration happen in a way that suits the unique requirements and profile of your institution and its members, while safeguarding your infrastructure, data, governance and privacy


Integrate your data for insight and efficiency

By integrating and analysing the large volume of digital data generated by students, faculty, applicants and support staff, universities can make better-informed decisions that allow them to operate more efficiently and improve members’ lives. We work with you to achieve this in a way that’s secure, effective and fully compliant with data privacy regulations, while harnessing the latest in data technology.


About Daisy

    • Daisy is a trusted partner to more than 150 further and higher education providers

    • Our dedicated education team can work with you to digitise your systems and processes in a way that works for you, your students, and your staff. From enabling remote classes, to supporting in-house IT and improving the student journey, our experience, technical excellence, and deep vendor relationships make all the difference

    • RM6100 Technology Services 3, we hold places on all of the lots within this framework – Lots 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4 & 5

    • RM6068 – Technology Products and Associated Services – Lots 1, 2 & 3

    • Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) – Daisy holds places on frameworks 976 and 979

    • RM3764 Cyber Security Services 3 is a flexible commercial agreement that offers an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve organisational cyber resilience and security posture

    • RM6116 Network Services 3 is the next iteration of the Network Services framework, after NS2. It provides public sector buyers with access to networks and telecommunications services. This includes cloud services, audio and video conferencing, radio and satellite networking

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