Data Science Use Cases: Retail [Guide]

Unlock the value of your data by harnessing the power of data science…

The retail industry has long recognised the value of data when it comes to understanding their customer base, and the use of business intelligence tools to report on activity is common in most retail companies.

Data science helps take this business intelligence approach one step further. It provides retailers with actionable insights that not only help drive sales but also help reduce waste, improve buying accuracy and enhance the customer experience both in-store and online.

However, this is often easier said than done, as most businesses don’t have the capacity or specialist skills to use their own data to create opportunities for competitive advantage.

At Daisy, we help retail businesses explore and implement data science and analytics platforms to get real value out of their data. We use techniques including machine learning models to identify trends, highlight anomalies and predict future outcomes.


Healthcare: A Transforming Industry [Guide]

Healthcare: A Transforming Industry [Guide]

Four reasons to advance your patient care with clinical-grade, cloud-driven networking.

Digital transformation is affecting the healthcare industry at a rapid pace. The endless number of medical devices you have to manage, maintain and protect across your healthcare organisation and the spiralling complexity of healthcare networks means that you need to find new ways to digitally transform and provide next-level, life-saving care to patients.

With a clinical-grade, cloud-based network, you can advance patient care, protect sensitive data, and adapt to evolving clinical needs.

At Daisy, we already support some of the UK’s largest public health bodies and NHS trusts, and we understand that everything you do is critical for patients. Let us show you four transformative ways clinical-grade, cloud network management can help you meet the reliability, scalability, security and intelligence required for your mission-critical healthcare network.


Data Science Use Cases: Healthcare [Guide]

Unlock the value of your data by harnessing the power of data science…

Harnessing the power of data science has many advantages for the healthcare sector, from improving diagnostic recovery, triggering real-time alerts and improving patient engagement to simplifying internal staffing processes and predicting customer lifetime value – there are a multitude of benefits waiting to be explored.

Healthcare organisations can utilise their enormous volumes of data to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and ultimately improve the care they can provide. Without a doubt, data mining and analytical platforms and the explosion of big data have the power to revolutionise the healthcare sector.

However, this is often easier said than done, as most businesses don’t have the capacity or specialist skills to use their own data to create opportunities for competitive advantage – find out how data science can help….


Daisy Monitoring Powered by KoolZone


Get instant data on a choice of metrics, including temperature, pressure, contact, humidity, power, energy, movement and CO2 – delivered remotely via a unified interface. From healthcare, education, food and drink and agriculture to hospitality, leisure, manufacturing, retail, transport and logistics and countless other sectors, today’s businesses need to control the environments in which they operate. Whether you want to maintain temperature levels, control humidity or energy usage, fight infection or simply create safe, optimal conditions for your customers and employees, Daisy Monitoring puts control firmly in your hands. How? Through a bespoke fusion of embedded and out-of-the-box sensors, long-range wireless (LoRaWAN) and cloud technology, courtesy of our partner KoolZone.

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Data Science Use Cases: Manufacturing [Guide]

Unlock the value of your data by harnessing the power of data science…

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a huge transformation to Industry 4.0. To help with this, leading manufacturers like can use data science to ingest and integrate vast volumes of data to improve production output, reduce costs, improve safety and optimise your supply chain operations.

However, this is often easier said than done, as most businesses don’t have the capacity, or specialist skills to use their own data to deliver to create opportunities for competitive advantage.

Harnessing the power of data science has many key advantages, from monitoring machinery and scheduling maintenance and using predictive analytics to understand end-to-end costs to supply chain optimisation, inventory management and demand forecasting – there are a multitude of benefits waiting to be explored.

Find out how data science can help manufacturing businesses make the most of the fourth industrial revolution…


SD-WAN and Enabling Shopping That Doesn’t Drop… [Comic Series]

Daisy SD-WAN and Enabling Shopping That Doesn’t Drop [Comic Series]

Part of a comic series, our fourth issue encounters a retailer needing to set up and seamlessly connect multiple branches

A large retailer operating from an online store and multiple branches wants to develop a presence in a new location. Realising the shortcomings of its existing IT network and also seeing opportunity to completely overhaul the customer experience, the retailer needed a network solution that would effortlessly support more connected “things” such as devices, apps, inventory systems, digital payment systems and more.

But without the time, resource or expertise in-house, will the business’ shopping list of requirements be able to be fulfilled…?

Part of a comic series exploring the role of Managed SD-WAN in different working scenarios, our fourth issue encounters a large retailer needing a network infrastructure that connects multiple branches quickly and seamlessly.

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Cyber Security Library [Resource Pack]

Our library of cyber security information provides useful guides, insightful articles, and a self-evaluation tool to help you identify and address gaps or weak points in your security posture.

Cyber Security is a central concern for every organisation and the steep rise of cloud adoption and remote working has pushed it to the top of the “to do” list.

Our Business Continuity team is increasingly called upon to help our customers recover from cyber attacks. We are managing an increase in recoveries due to ransomware and data exfiltration – particularly sophisticated, targeted attacks with a ransom demand.

Short-term advice (which doesn’t require technology investment) is to ensure your backups are up to date, security logs are being regularly reviewed and that your incident response plan is updated to reflect ransomware and data exfiltration attacks in particular.

This resource pack provides a wealth of information and advice to help you improve your cyber attack mitigation.

Who is this library for?

This material has been primarily designed to address the requirements of IT and IS leaders and to inform board-level executives looking to understand the current threat landscape, how to overcome the latest challenges, evaluate new solutions and improve their security posture.

Whether you choose to read through it at your leisure, or binge through it in one marathon study session, there is plenty of great knowledge to inform your thinking, as well as to take away and put to positive use.

Cyber Security Report 2020 – Provides a useful backdrop when considering the changing threat landscape and evaluating your security priorities for 2021 and beyond

Securely Protecting Your Critical Data [Whitepaper] – Explores today’s challenges in protecting and securing business data, focusing on the fastest growing and most destructive malware strains today

How to Prepare for Ransomware – Delivers practical information, tips and advice that will help you avoid becoming a ransomware victim

Cyber Security Evaluation [Self-Assessment] – Helps you to evaluate your current security provision in a comprehensive cross-section of areas and gives tips and suggestions for how to address each area

Five ‘Must-Do’ Steps to Protecting Homeworkers [Guide] – Explains the five most significant steps you can take to keep homeworkers, and by extension, your corporate – environment, safe

Cyber Security Articles x 3 – Insight from our security experts as they deliver advice and share their industry expertise

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Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking [Guide]

Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking [Guide]

Learn how SD-WAN enables today’s remote workforce in this must-read guide

The global outbreak of COVID-19 sees businesses facing unparalleled challenges. IT departments are having to think on their feet – particularly those where part of the workforce works remotely, and the other part are back in the office. Some organisations struggle to adopt an entire remote working scenario; others struggle with the upgrades required to allow remote working, and more again struggle to ensure that employees can remain productive for what might be an extended period of disruption. Whichever one of these scenarios applies to you, the solution is the same – it’s time to pandemic-proof the WAN.

Why read this SD-WAN guide?

While SD-WAN is not a completely new player in the networking field, it’s certainly one that has really stepped up to the plate in recent months. In fact, many organisations that made the move to SD-WAN found it easier to implement remote working quickly during the early weeks of COVID-19 challenges.

What you’ll learn from this SD-WAN guide?

Whether you’re struggling to adopt a long-term remote working strategy or you’re worried about keeping employees productive whilst at home, this short and simple read explores:

  • How Cisco Meraki SD-WAN can replicate a seamless office experience from home
  • How easy it is for IT departments to navigate the terrain of remote support
  • How to maintain visibility of employee networks and monitor performance
  • The beauty of opting for SD-WAN as a managed service

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