Accelerate Your Business With Hybrid Cloud

At Daisy, we connect your business challenges to forward-thinking technology solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience delivering HPE technology, we can assist with your end-to-end technology needs, ranging from assessments, health checks and strategy definitions, right the way through to delivery, support and recovery assurance. Plus, we understand that cloud-first doesn’t just mean public cloud – in fact, 82% of organisations surveyed by Flexera have a hybrid cloud strategy.

Using HPE GreenLake allows us to deliver infrastructure as a service using a consumption-based model that gives you the best of both worlds:

  • Keep critical workloads on-premises
  • Provision and manage with the ease of cloud
  • Pay monthly based on metered usage

With technology refreshes built into the model, HPE GreenLake enables your infrastructure to evolve with your business – fast, easily, and affordably. We can give you a quote on storage, compute and virtualisation workloads within minutes, and have capacity installed and running within two weeks.

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  • Maximise your IT budget​
  • Benefit from Infrastructure-as-a-Service​​
  • Plan your cloud, hybrid-cloud or data-centre strategy​​

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