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Drive sustainable digital transformation with solutions that accelerate business outcomes.

Most companies are undergoing digital transformation to accelerate business outcomes. Leading organisations are embracing sustainability as part of their next-gen business models. By aligning technology strategies with sustainability initiatives, organisations across all industries are growing stronger, more resilient, and are keener to accelerate data-first transformation.

Ageing hardware and outdated systems are pushing many businesses to cloud-based platforms. The cloud enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing market trends and the needs of their customers and employees.

Plus, cloud solutions support hybrid and remote work, ensuring teams can remain productive wherever they are, and they even help businesses reach their sustainability goals. 63% of IT leaders agree that their legacy infrastructure makes it difficult to achieve green goals.

Accenture research found that enterprises linking digital and sustainable transformation are 2.5x more likely to be among tomorrow’s strongest-performing businesses – a concept referred to as the twin transformers.1

Finally, and beyond the business-value payoff, organisations are also driven by the desire to have a positive impact on our planet and be a force for good.

The challenges

Many leading companies have seen success in targeted IT sustainability initiatives. These bright spots are limited in scale and are not part of a holistic strategy integrated and woven throughout the business. Multiple challenges stand in the way:

  1. A scarcity of expertise to implement a sustainable IT strategy
  2. The complexity of driving sustainability in a hybrid IT reality
  3. Inefficiencies across the lifecycle lead to a larger environmental impact

Drive efficiency up and costs down

86% of IT leaders say sustainability and energy efficiency is important to their IT operations, and on average, legacy hardware contributes to 37% of organisations’ overall IT power consumption. Solving these challenges through advisory services and IT as a service can significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX while improving operational efficiencies for equipment, staff, and infrastructure. IT efficiency can include:

Energy efficiency – delivering an optimum level of computing, storage, and connectivity with the lowest energy input possible.

Equipment efficiency – increasing IT processing power and storage capabilities with fewer IT assets.

Resource efficiency – engineering products to work efficiently while requiring the least amount of support, staff, and equipment for power conversion, cooling, and resiliency.

Software efficiency – using intelligent software to automate environments, drive efficiencies, and improve management practices.

Data efficiency – collecting, analysing, and storing only the data needed for business insights with archival decisions that seek to lower carbon and cost implications.

Rethink sustainability as a catalyst with us and HPE as your partner

We see sustainability as a catalyst for the business — a force for good and game-changing optimisation through reduced carbon footprints and smarter economics realised in the circular economy. HPE is a company committed to being a net-zero enterprise by 2040, with science-based targets, helping businesses advance sustainability agendas with a holistic approach to carbon footprints across the IT estate, edge-to-cloud. Through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, we help you with expertise and design for sustainable transformation, solutions for operational efficiency, and visibility that optimises every workload with less energy and smaller footprints. What’s more, we can help maximise value across the asset lifecycle, by engaging in the circular economy.

Sustainable IT pathways:

  • Sustainably transform edge-to-cloud: Accelerate your sustainable transformation with our experts who take a holistic approach across the IT estate — multi-gen IT, hybrid, multi-cloud, and edges, as not all apps and data can move to the cloud. Our advisory services and proven edge-to-cloud adoption framework help you identify optimal workload placement, offset skills shortages, and boost your impact.
  • Optimise for efficiency and visibility: Reduce your carbon footprint and increase utilisation as you optimise the placement of apps and data. Bring the cloud to apps and data in your data centres, colocations, and edges with HPE GreenLake — giving you visibility and elasticity to meet demand when needed without overprovisioning. HPE GreenLake customers realise 33% energy cost savings over five years when transitioning from a CAPEX model.2
  • Increase the value of your asset lifecycle: Migrate to a sustainable IT footprint while expanding the value of your IT assets across their lifecycle – freeing up trapped value in your assets that can fund your transformation. You can also reuse these assets in new ways as part of the circular economy while enabling you to track your impact with the material, energy, carbon, and landfill savings achieved.

The benefits

How do companies benefit from investing in more sustainable IT infrastructure3

The strategic importance of sustainability

organisations restricted by legacy infrastructure do now have the option to create a cloud-like experience across their entire IT landscape. HPE GreenLake, delivered by hybrid cloud experts at Daisy, bridge the gap between on-site infrastructure and cloud with a single platform that brings the cloud experience to apps and data where they must live. This means monthly consumption charges with no upfront costs, and scalability up and down, on dedicated infrastructure in any data centre. Working with Daisy means access to a trusted HPE Gold Partner who can help you to simplify your IT operations.

We can help you manage performance, cost, security and compliance across the hybrid, multi-cloud estate to reduce risk and accelerate the business. The goal is to help you deliver the business outcomes that you need, by delivering cloud services for your infrastructure, platforms and management as well as your most demanding workloads.

2 Energy Cost Savings of HPE GreenLake versus Traditional CAPEX Purchase Methodology, HPE, 2022
3 European Custom Survey, IDC, 2022

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