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How does Daisy Multi-Network work?

It all starts with something as small as a SIM card. The difference? This SIM card is built on incredible multi-network technology.

Rather than relying on a single network, Daisy Multi-Network SIM cards allow you to connect to the strongest network available, giving you a reliable data connection without the need for a hardwired solution. You can aggregate your data making it super flexible, cost-effective and easy to manage through our portal.

Anywhere SIM for every aspect of your business Daisy Multi-Network covers 650 networks across 180 countries, which means that while a lot of businesses are working remotely, we can keep you connected to the best possible network under one easy-to-manage account.
MOBILE Data for true wireless working. Our service provides businesses with the best coverage wherever they are. Coupled with our sophisticated but intuitive billing platform, we have everything you need for reliable business mobility.
IoTWhether it's an alarm system, a remote weather monitor, a vehicle tracking unit or a solar panel array, our service provides the most complete global system for mobile communication (GSM) coverage in the UK and further afield. We even have a quality of service mobile data, which guarantees the best available throughput.
LONE WORKERLone workers are amongst the most vulnerable members of your team, so why compromise with a single network SIM when you can access multiple networks? We have a wide range of devices and services to choose from and only work with the very best providers to deliver best in class support.

Benefits of Daisy Multi-Network


Our cellular data connectivity is provided on multi-network SIMs. In the UK, that covers all four of the major network providers.


Our SIMs are completely unsteered. That means they’ll automatically connect to the strongest signal, not another network’s preferred option.

Global Coverage

With 650 networks on board in 180 countries across Europe and the world, your SIMs will stay connected to the strongest network no matter their location.

Flexible Cellular

With one SIM, one bill, flexible tariffs and bespoke data tiers, alongside a fully-managed real-time usage portal, you can easily avoid overage.

One Pool of Data

Connect multiple devices, offices, or events with one pool of data shared between all, so you don’t need to worry about having loads of separate usage caps.

Static IPs

We offer the option of static IP addresses on your SIM cards, so it’s business as usual for hosted products and services.

Daisy IoT keeps your devices connected anywhere

Coverage is the number one issue affecting business mobile. Multi-network SIMs provide a flexible solution to keeping your business and stakeholders connected. With more and more organisations embracing IoT as a solution to remote working, Daisy Multi-Network is the perfect way to keep your remote workers connected to the devices on your network anywhere. From fleet management to smart fridges, devices are completely unsteered and available on flexible tariffs. Plus, you can be sure there’s a Daisy IoT solution that fits your needs.


From human-to-robot collaboration; remote and predictive maintenance, to digital twinning. Daisy IoT has a manufacturing solution that will up your efficiency.


From current issues like maintenance, utilities and monitoring to support for frontline lone workers. Cellular-based IoT provisioning has a smart solution for your business.


In healthcare, Daisy IoT can enable the future of remote patient monitoring, disease management and on the move triage.


Up your efficiencies with supply chain optimisation, automated checkouts and smart inventory management. Daisy IoT could be the perfect choice for your retail estate.


In the entertainment industry, SIM connected IoT is enabling connected haptics, esports and in-car entertainment.

Financial Services

Enable anywhere mobile banking by connecting wearable devices. Connecting remote tellers and personalised AI financial assistants could give your organisation the edge.


In utilities, smart buildings, smart street lighting and energy grids can all be connected and managed using multi-network cellular tech.


From vehicle-to-vehicle communication to smart traffic control, IoT enables predictive maintenance and monitoring of your business’ fleet.