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In an always-on world, hundreds of UK businesses trust Daisy to keep them going when things go wrong. Like them, you can benefit from our data protection and recovery services to keep your staff and customers connected to systems and data in the event of business interruption.

Whether it is backup, replication, or both, whether you want it with or without recovery, self-service, co-managed, or fully-managed – we can deliver it.

These services can be fully-integrated with our business continuity management, work area recovery and traditional IT disaster recovery services. As well as delivering better business outcomes, they can be delivered flexibly via the cloud, or physically to your site or to one of our Business Continuity Centres.

Most importantly, we deliver full data resilience and off-site data compliance.

Data Protection and Recovery Solutions

Service levels to suit every organisation, regardless of size and complexity. Our consolidated portfolio delivers a solution that is simple to deploy, resilient, compliant and cost-effective. Show more...

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The perfect data protection and service availability for every customer. Daisy’s data backup service provides full backup capabilities for your systems, applications and data on physical equipment, virtual platforms, and hybrid and public cloud.

Backups are stored in Daisy’s dedicated data protection cloud, located in its own UK-based data centres, as well as locally if required. The solution offers air-gaped and immutable storage to combat cyber and malicious attacks, with an integrated archive tier to minimise costs for long term retentions.

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Real-time recovery of your business-critical systems

Our data replication service protects your on-premise systems, applications, and data, as well as your hybrid and public cloud ones. Replicated data is stored in Daisy’s dedicated data protection cloud, located in its own UK-based data centres, as well as locally if required.

Offering real-time recovery of critical systems, our replication service is the ideal solution to protect your ‘always on’ services. By supporting multiple recovery points, you can recover from any disruption, be it a simple hardware failure or a more complex cyber event.

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Daisy offers a simple S3 compatible object store, hosted and managed in UK-owned and operated data centres. As well as flexibility and ease of use of public cloud storage, it uniquely offers simple, inclusive, pence-per-GB pricing with no hidden charges, meaning you won’t be charged to recover your data or for any other access or transaction fees.

S3 storage integrates into Daisy’s data protection portfolio, acting as the archive layer for many of the services. Show more...

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