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Keep your wired and wireless local area networks (LAN) running smoothly

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Your network is the glue that holds your people, processes, and platforms together. Whether checking your email from your laptop or tablet or running on-demand reports for back-end orders, it is vital that your network infrastructure is secure and reliable across all devices. Fast WiFi isn’t just about boosting staff productivity, it’s about enhancing the experiences of your customers and visitors too, and showing them you care by getting them online simply, swiftly and securely.

Switches and Access Points

Networks are at the core of everything we do at Daisy, providing the fabric to deploy, access, and secure applications from any device, either wired or wireless. Daisy works with best-of-breed vendors in the networking arena such as Cisco, Meraki, and Extreme to provide the latest networking solutions. We supply switches and wireless access points to connect your devices together, allowing your users to access the required applications and data that make your business run. Show more...

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Network Automation and Management

Network management platforms have advanced significantly in recent years and their capability is transforming the design, security, and management of networks. Using innovative machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, these tools analyse and interpret huge amounts of data from the network edge to the data centre, powering actionable business and IT insights, and delivering new levels of network automation and intelligence. With these systems, network management becomes more proactive, network operations are more effective, and deployment and troubleshooting activities are faster.

End-to-end cloud management for wired and wireless networks, leveraging machine learning (ML) and AI to gain greater insights. Allowing IT teams to gain real-time visibility into their network, so they can proactively detect and resolve issues and optimise performance, while staying ahead of potential bottlenecks, network breaches, and performance degradation.

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Simplify network management so IT teams can move more quickly, using automation to lower costs and analytics to improve network performance and security risks.Learn more

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are technologically advanced structures that leverage AI, IoT devices, and data analytics to optimise efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and improve sustainability.

These integrated buildings provide real-time monitoring and automation of systems, enabling proactive maintenance, predictive analytics, and intelligent decision-making. Show more...

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Guest WiFi

Do you need to let your customers, guests and staff securely connect to public WiFi? Daisy’s end-to-end solution includes a captive portal and content filtering underpinned by the UK Government Friendly WiFi standard. Improve your customer experience with personalised content and WiFi analytics, and enrich your customer database to drive revenue through engagement.

Self-service registration, smart launching pages and in-depth analytics ensure your WiFi will never have worked harder.

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Full end-to-end wired and wireless LAN solution, providing services from consultancy and design through to maintenance and support.

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