Cellular Connectivity

Pre-Ethernet and Bonded solutions for your organisation

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Avoid poor connectivity and improve internet performance – no more resilience issues or lost revenues.

Your options are limited when you need to quickly set up internet connectivity for a popup, temporary or a permanent site. It could be that fixed line solutions are unavailable, or your circuit delivery date doesn’t match your target live date. Either way, the delay is stopping your business from operating immediately, resulting in unnecessary down time and loss in revenue. You also need reassurance that in the event of a failure, there is backup to ensure continuity and that everyday operations are not interrupted.


Our Cellular Connectivity uses SD-ONE to provide instant, fast connectivity and is suitable to be used instead of your main wired circuit, as a failover or additional connection, and as a temporary or pre-ethernet solution. You can start operating immediately, meaning no loss in revenue whilst you wait for fixed-line installation. This can then stay in place as a failover solution.

The SD-ONE failover solution seamlessly and automatically provides failover onto the backup connection so that there is no disruption, and your business can continue to operate as usual with guaranteed internet resilience.

  • Fast to deploy connectivity solution
  • Can be used as a failover or bonded connectivity


What does SD-ONE deliver?

The SD-ONE solution makes it quick and easy to connect new sites to your network either as a temporary or permanent solution.



To give you the advantage of bonding data volumes across different carriers charged at one tariff.



Using software defined networking (SDN) SD-ONE provides an efficient way to keep your business network data safe and secure.



You can set up this unit where you need it and it can support 20-50 users – new offices, distribution warehouses, construction sites or remote locations.


Package 1 & 3 – Pre-Ethernet and Failover
Provides instant 4G/5G internet connectivity whilst waiting for fixed line services to be installed, or can provide seamless automatic failover onto 4G/5G should the primary connection fail. Package 3 provides additional failover.

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Package 2, 4 & 5 – Bonded Internet
If you require a higher performance and more reliable internet connection, any three connections (including fixed line and/or 4G/5G) can be bonded together. Packages 4 & 5 provide additional failover.

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Why Daisy?

Daisy has more than 25 years’ experience delivering enterprise-class networks with broad cloud capabilities across on-premises, private and public cloud deployments. Together with Comms365, we can transform and simplify networking and network security for any size or type of business.