Fully Managed vs. Co-Managed Services: Navigating the Path to Enhanced Security and Connectivity

managed vs c0-managed SD-WAN

Are you considering outsourcing your connectivity and security needs? Making the right strategic choice between a fully managed or co-managed service for your digital network is more critical than ever.

We recognise the indispensable need to align your connectivity solutions and security protocols with your overarching strategic objectives. This comparison will equip senior management and directors with a deeper understanding of how you can benefit from the tailored solutions we offer, ensuring that your connectivity and security needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Co-managed Services: A Collaborative Approach

Co-managed IT services offer the benefits of a fully managed service but represent a partnership model where the responsibility for IT management is shared between your internal IT team and us, an external service provider. This model is characterised by its flexibility, allowing for tailored services that complement your in-house capabilities.

A co-managed approach would be right for your organisation if you require:

  • Specialist support and management: our dedicated team of experts are on hand to provide continuous oversight exclusively focused on optimising and securing your digital infrastructure
  • In-house control: your team retains a significant degree of control over IT operations, ensuring decisions align closely with your corporate culture and objectives
  • Knowledge sharing: this model fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge and skills are exchanged between your team and external experts, enhancing your in-house IT competency

Fully Managed Services: Assurance and Expertise

Opting for fully managed services means entrusting all facets of your network to us as your external provider. This comprehensive approach is designed to offer peace of mind, with us as your trusted service provider taking over all aspects of IT management, relating to your network, from cyber security to data backup, connectivity solutions, and beyond.

A fully managed approach would be right for your organisation if you require:

  • Expert oversight: benefit from the continuous oversight by our team of experts exclusively focused on optimising and securing your digital infrastructure
  • Strategic freedom: liberating your internal resources from day-to-day IT management allows your team to focus on strategic objectives and core business functions
  • Enhanced security: fully managed services provide advanced, proactive security measures, ensuring that your infrastructure is safeguarded against evolving cyber threats and decreasing system down time

Unparalleled Peace of Mind

The hallmark of fully managed services is the peace of mind it offers. Senior management can rest assured that their IT operations are in proficient hands, with risks mitigated and systems continually optimised. This level of security and operational reliability enables you to navigate the digital domain with confidence, supported by the expertise and comprehensive solutions provided by their managed services partner.

The choice between fully managed and co-managed services hinges on your specific needs, in-house capabilities, and strategic vision.

Your Choice

We support your journey, whether you lean towards a co-managed arrangement that complements your existing team or prefer the all-encompassing ease of fully managed services. Our commitment is to provide you with scalable, customisable solutions that empower your business, irrespective of the service model you select. Harness the potential of advanced IT solutions with us—where your connectivity and security needs are not just met, but consistently exceeded.

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