Converge networking and security functions to meet multi-cloud demands

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As the demand for anywhere, anytime access has increased, organisations are faced with a growing challenge: how can network and security teams provide consistent, secure access to an increasingly distributed, mobile workforce without taking on more complexity?

The answer is secure access service edge (SASE).


SASE is a cloud-first approach to networking married with a cloud-first approach to security. It is a network architecture that combines a number of different technologies, and when put in place, not only should your company benefit from enhanced security that is specifically designed to cater for today’s widely distributed workforce, but increased network performance too.

Daisy’s SASE offering makes it easy to move security from on-premise to the cloud or extend protection to roaming users and branch offices. It achieves this by combining software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) powered by Cisco Meraki, cloud security with Cisco Umbrella, and zero-trust network access (ZTNA) with Cisco Duo, delivered from a single cloud security architecture.


A fully integrated SD-WAN and cloud-native security solution helps you address the networking and security challenges of the cloud and mobile computing era. SASE consolidates networking and security capabilities and functions traditionally delivered in multiple, siloed point solutions into a single, fully integrated cloud service. This enables enterprise networking and security teams to confidently build out their networks with the agility that modern businesses require.

Core SASE Components

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN is a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture connecting branches to headquarters, data centres, and multi-cloud environments. With Cisco Meraki’s SD-WAN cloud-first architecture, IT departments can maintain flexibility to connect any user to any application, across any cloud.

Cisco Umbrella is the cloud-native, multi-function security service at the core of Cisco’s SASE architecture that delivers a secure, reliable, and fast Internet experience. It unifies multiple security functions such as firewall, secure web gateway, DNS-layer security, cloud access security broker (CASB), and threat intelligence solutions into a single cloud service to help businesses of all sizes secure their users, applications, and data.

By enabling these functions together instead of through point solutions, Cisco Umbrella significantly reduces the time, money, and resources typically required for deployment, configuration, integration, and management of standalone security products.

Cisco Duo is a zero-trust security platform that enables organisations to verify users’ identities with two-factor authentication (2FA) and establish device trust before granting access to applications via secure single sign-on (SSO). By employing a zero-trust model, it decreases the attack surface and reduces risk.


  • Connect all users and devices to applications, data, and the Internet with reduced latency
  • Monitor and secure enterprise traffic from a single, cloud-native platform
  • Protect and defend any roaming user
  • Provide visibility and control over all SaaS applications, sanctioned or otherwise
  • Capture deep insights from the endpoint all the way to cloud services
  • Remove complexity from your infrastructure and provide immediate scalability


Daisy has been a Cisco Gold Partner for more than 16 years. We have more than 50 Cisco certified staff who have the expertise and experience required to deliver reliable, scalable and highly-secure IT infrastructures to our customers.
We can help you meet multi-cloud demands at scale by uniting security and networking functions through a flexible, integrated approach with expertise you can count on and value that grows with you.