Compliance in Communications: Understanding its Importance in the Era of Hybrid Work

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Cyber attacks have always been a significant challenge for businesses, but the rise of remote and hybrid working in recent years has greatly expanded the risk landscape, and as such achieving compliance in an increasingly digital and unpredictable working landscape has become more crucial.

This blog examines:

• How the rise of hybrid work has impacted the cyber security landscape
• What compliance means and why it matters

Flexible hybrid work comes with higher cyber security risks

While hybrid work comes with so many advantages, it also presents huge levels of risk for your business.

With employees working at home on public networks, via their own personal devices with apps that don’t pass the same levels of scrutiny that they might in an enterprise environment, businesses must be aware of the vulnerabilities that can come with more flexible working. Now, as even the most forward-thinking businesses find it difficult to oversee and manage their security risks, it has become more crucial than ever for organisations to invest in more efficient security.

According to TechTarget, there are several critical remote working cyber risks in the UK including the following:

Shadow IT Unsecured and vulnerable hardware
Unsecured and vulnerable networks Vulnerability to phishing attacks
Less oversight Susceptibility to webcam hacking
Growing attack surfaces Misconfigurations in the public cloud
Insufficient data practices

Managing these vulnerabilities is a lot for any business to handle. The good news is, using cloud solutions can make improving your security easier, as long as you can choose the right cloud vendors and ensure the solutions are secure. Businesses today must take the time to ensure they’ve partnered with the technology vendors that put in the work and continuously improve their security capabilities.

Compliance: why it matters

Simply put, compliance means conforming to a set of rules, specifications, policies, standards or law. Depending on your industry, and the territories you operate in, you’ll need to adhere to different principles and policies. Achieving compliance, in an increasingly digital and therefore, unpredictable working landscape, has become more and more important. While it might seem daunting, adhering to compliance helps you to protect your business, employees and customers, and builds trust among all your stakeholders, as it evidences best-practice and demonstrates that you are actively safeguarding their interests.

Building trust in your communications

Businesses today need to have unwavering faith in their communications systems. As organisations navigate the many challenges that come with hybrid and remote working, it’s crucial to have a vendor that acts as a reliable partner, prioritising and valuing your security and data privacy as your business grows.

RingCentral is just that. Built on a secure cloud platform, RingCentral meets a stringent set of requirements. The data of RingCentral users and the data being processed through RingCentral services is secure, private and compliant across message, video, phone and fax. This means our customers can rest in the knowledge that we are delivering robust cloud security that ensures personal information and data remain private. What’s more, RingCentral’s 99.999% uptime SLA means our customers benefit from the most reliable and secure unified cloud platform.

Beyond compliance

It’s important not to forget that compliance is only one aspect of your cyber security ecosystem. It’s worth assessing what lengths your potential communications partners go to in order to guarantee information and product security, data privacy and reliability of their solutions. Besides its high level of compliance, RingCentral also offers best-in class security, privacy and reliability to keep data safe at every level.


RingCentral’s unified communications solution is built with security at the core. With a set of security controls in place, such as single sign-on (SSO), end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and attendee authentication, users put comprehensive administrative controls across messaging, video, and phone, meaning their conversations stay secure, and private. With best-in-class DevSecOps, the platform provides customers with a robust security platform by integrating key security principles from the get-go.


Benefit from our commitment to privacy and transparency. Retaining our customers’ trust in data handling practices is a top priority, and so is respecting your data privacy. Our privacy pledge centres around the following core principles:

• Accountability
• Transparency
• Data minimisation
• Privacy by design and default
• Protection of data subject rights
• Data security
• Safeguards of data transfers


We know how important it is to keep operating and stay connected against all odds. That’s why we are dedicated to keeping you open for business wherever and whenever you need to be. Whether it’s new offices, different work patterns or a natural disaster, sometimes you have to be ready to shift your location. We ensure you remain connected, no matter where you work with a 99.999% uptime SLA and redundant internet connections to even keep you online during outages, disasters and cyber attacks.

Whether your teams work in-office, remotely, or hybrid, safeguarding communications and data is essential amid rising security threats. Review your suppliers’ security, reliability, privacy, and compliance offerings. Choosing Daisy and RingCentral provides a secure, future-proofed communications solution endorsed by Gartner. As a RingCentral Diamond Partner, we deliver and support RingCentral’s cloud communications platform, ensuring seamless interactions and teamwork.

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