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Daisy has taken all aspects of hybrid cloud and created a single managed service solution.

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Daisy’s hybrid cloud management links multi-cloud platforms, connectivity and resilience to ensure customers can control, optimise and adapt cloud consumption to meet the demands of their business.

At Daisy, we understand that businesses change, so we can enable your workloads to be truly portable, allowing for their movement between dedicated, community and public clouds at any time.

Daisy allows you to enjoy a single cloud solution that can encompass everything from compute, to connectivity, to voice, to workplace services, to recovery. Daisy’s breadth of expertise across all of these areas adds clear differentiation and value above our competitors in the cloud market. Our joined-up approach across these areas means that you can achieve even greater efficiencies from your cloud environment.

Our hybrid cloud management was developed following independent customer research into the main business priorities and challenges facing mid- to large organisations. It has been designed to resolve your concerns with moving to the cloud and addresses the cost and control issues you may have experienced if you already use cloud platforms. The focus is on delivering positive business outcomes that meet your needs relating to security, risk, compliance and performance.

Challenges solved by Daisy's hybrid cloud management

We are able to resolve the key business challenges and concerns that many organisations have in moving to or maintaining their cloud environments, including:

  • Data sovereignty
  • Security concerns
  • Cost management and containment
  • Lack of resources/expertise
  • Governance/control/compliance
  • Managing multiple clouds
  • Integration with legacy systems, software and infrastructure
  • Maintaining/improving performance, availability and accountability
  • Building a private cloud
  • Selecting the right partner/technology to support your strategy

Data Centre Services

Daisy’s UK, Tier III aligned data centres deliver the security, resilience and 24/7/365 support you need for your critical infrastructure. For more than 30 years, we’ve grown our knowledge and expertise to enable us to deliver the best cloud environment to drive productivity and business agility.

We can help reduce the risks associated with hosting your own infrastructure. We take care of the often overlooked basics, such as power, cooling, rack design, management, monitoring, smart-hands and hardware builds, updates and connectivity – allowing you to concentrate on your applications.

Private Cloud is exactly that. A fully-managed cloud environment that is wholly private and dedicated to you. Daisy has proven experience in designing, deploying and maintaining private, dedicated cloud environments. Daisy provides you within the added options to burst into, or consume alongside, community (shared) resources.

Daisy’s private (dedicated) cloud includes:

Our colocation services give you assured levels of performance and availability, without needing to invest in your own facilities. Our energy-efficient data centres, deliver the power, sustainability and security that modern infrastructures demand, monitored and managed 24/7/365.

Our colocation service is the simplest way to move workloads from your own facilities to access the benefits of Daisy’s data centre infrastructure within compliance and industry-recognised frameworks, with unrivalled carrier options and accessibility all for a low price based on fixed commercials, over a term to suit you.

Suitable for enterprises in all market sectors, colocation works especially well if you have just one site or need to increase your data centre space, reduce risk or improve performance. We manage the planning and migration to our facilities while our support team can monitor your hardware and software services, enabling prompt fault diagnosis and resolution.

At Daisy, we can manage the design, plan and deployment lifecycle info our facilities, migrate your services and actively work alongside you to evaluate your solution as it’s delivered. You’ll receive all the support and services you’d expect from a datacentre facility built to Tier III standards and operated by a proven hosting partner.

You tell us how much central processing unit (CPU), memory and disk space you need, and that’s all we’ll charge you for. As your requirements change, we’ll deliver more on-demand. With advanced data centres, all located in the UK, we’ll provide the facilities, security, monitoring and support to keep your systems up and running.

Our support team can monitor your hardware and software services, enabling prompt fault diagnosis and resolution.
We can offer full or partial management for colo services and extend this to any on-premise hardware. These services are delivered using our blueprint framework for Secure By Design assurance, our supporting connectivity, voice and workplace services, wrapped in our managed services expertise.

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If you need greater resilience and disaster recovery provision, we can work with you to design and install online data vaulting, mirroring, backup or storage solutions.

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