The Transformative Power of Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS): Three Essential Elements

Regardless of industry, if you’re a business or IT leader today, you’re seeing the emergence of the digital transformation divide: a gap between those organisations who’ve sprinted ahead and those being left behind. What’s driving this transformation divide? Data. It’s the life force of the modern enterprise.

Data-first modernisation is key to activating next-gen operating and business models that drive your business forward, faster—across the transformation divide. Unlocking the value of data for supply chains, distribution models, product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and more enables you to accelerate decision velocity, speed innovation and time to market, reimagine customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

Simply put, data-first modernisation shifts the focus from infrastructure-centric transformation to data-centric value creation and elevates data as the preeminent organising principle of a company.

Understanding why complexity is the enemy

Simplifying data management and infrastructure with a cloud operational experience is essential for data-first transformation. Those challenges have only grown with the advent of IT resources that now span across edge, core, and cloud. As an example, the average organisation today relies on 23 different data management tools to handle the lifecycle of their data and data infrastructure.1 That’s unsustainable.

A recent study found that 39% of businesses typically wait anywhere from three to six months for new storage resources to arrive and could lose up to £250K of revenue from storage disruptions during that time. And because of these two facts, 53% of companies prepare by overprovisioning capacity by up to 25% and 44% overprovisioning by more than 25% during the initial purchase.2 Instead of experiencing automated, intent-based provisioning which would further enhance agility, slashing provisioning time from weeks to minutes. 86% of IT leaders believe moving to a consumption-based IT infrastructure model will benefit their organisations, with increased flexibility and driving lower costs.

The answer lies in transitioning primary storage to an as-a-service model, enabling agility and automation, 82% of IT decision makers think the use of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for Operations) will enhance their operations. STaaS streamlines operations and enables rapid modernisation of on-premises data infrastructure. It offers simplified data management and transforms IT from operator to service provider.  Three key capabilities to seek in a true STaaS platform include:

  1. Simplification and Automation: simplify data management by infusing cloud operational agility into every aspect, from edge-to-cloud. By leveraging AIOps, it streamlines storage operations, making underlying infrastructure invisible and freeing IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives. True STaaS eliminates traditional storage management complexities, offering end-to-end self-service experiences driven by AI.
  1. Rapid Deployment and Provisioning: accelerate deployment with streamlined, SLA-driven quoting and rapid ordering. Organisations can choose service parameters tailored to their needs, enabling seamless deployment without the complexities of forecasting, procurement, or maintenance, which often results in overspending.
  1. Quality of Service and Flexibility: ensure quality of service for critical workloads through intelligent prioritisation and resource allocation. It empowers organisations to manage their entire storage fleet from a single cloud-based console, facilitating seamless scalability and management from anywhere. With flexible consumption models and guaranteed SLAs, STaaS enables organisations to run any application without compromise, accelerating outcomes and modernising data management.

Your data, your agility, your innovation—unleashed

Manage your storage from anywhere with a cloud-native control plane and benefit from invisible upgrades. Automate management at scale with a unified API and AI-driven insights. With STaaS, consume storage on demand, avoiding overprovisioning and under provisioning concerns. Run any application without compromise, meeting SLAs for all workloads. True STaaS accelerates outcomes, aligns storage with business demands, and enables on-demand access to a suite of cloud data services.

Choose a solution that simplifies infrastructure management and accelerates digital transformation. By embracing cloud operational experiences, organisations can streamline operations, accelerate innovation, and focus on driving business outcomes, ultimately unleashing the full potential of their data.

1 ESG Data Management Survey, ESG, 2022
2 “The Pulse of Storage and Compute Consumption in 2020,” Futurum Research, 2022

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