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Daisy has 10 UK data centres to host your infrastructure and services. Aligned to Tier III standards, they deliver the security, resilience and 24/7/365 support required to ensure the safety and reliability of your critical infrastructure. Our resilient data centre infrastructure and 30 years’ experience provide you with the solid foundations you need from your data centre services provider. This experience is complemented by a number of industry recognised accreditations covering information security (ISO27001) and environmental management (ISO14001) as well as the ability to accommodate government recognised requirements.

Managed Racks

With more than 30 years of experience in managing workloads and data centres, we help businesses to reduce overheads running business applications by hosting your infrastructure in our UK facilities. We take care of the often overlooked basics, such as power, cooling, rack design, management, monitoring, smart-hands and hardware builds, updates and connectivity - allowing you to concentrate on your applications.  With 24/7 access to our facilities and guidance at every step, this service is enjoyed by more than 500 customers across our 10 main hosting centres across the UK. With our managed hosting services, you benefit from advanced facilities designed and managed by Daisy experts with access to flexible resources as you need them. Hosting your systems away from your offices in our advanced data centres means you’ll be taking positive steps in business continuity planning. Our flexible resources can provide various services, including:
We’ll host your infrastructure and services in one of our UK-based state-of-the-art data centres. Built to Tier III standards, they provide you with the security, reliability, network resilience and 24/7/365 support you need to ensure your systems are always protected and available.
Essential systems demand maximum uptime, and our proactive Remote Monitoring service is designed to deliver just that. We’ll watch your systems around the clock, enabling us to spot and deal with any unusual activity before it becomes a business problem. Issues will be escalated directly to your team and from there you can choose whether to manage the situation in-house or use one of our support packages.
With access to 1,300 technical staff and 27/7/365 coverage, we offer one of the UK’s biggest independent engineering forces. Options can be tailored to match your operational, technical and business requirements, providing you with the precise service levels and hours of coverage required. These services can be used to complement and extend your own support capabilities or delivered as a fully-managed service within one of our data centres. Warranty is never compromised as we only use vendor approved parts, with all work supported by vendor accreditations and authorised service partnerships.
Effective and regular backups are vital to disaster planning and business continuity. By protecting your data you protect your applications and your business at the same time. Our Managed Backup service not only backs up your data to protected central storage but it also replicates it to another resource pool in another part of the country. You choose how long you want to retain your data – from 28 days to seven years. The service is priced per gigabyte, so you only pay for what you need. All storage, network and software requirements are included in the service, to ensure you have the latest updates whenever you need them.
Demands on storage space can change rapidly across seasons and as the business grows. You can gain easy access to high-performance SAN storage on demand and just pay for what you use with our Managed Storage option.
In the face of ever-growing threats from online crime and fraud, and the increasing demands of governance and compliance, our Managed Security services reduce your risk. Around the clock, we can prevent and detect threats, and defend your infrastructure.
When you want to focus all your resources on your business but still need an infrastructure that delivers, choose our Managed Hosting option which incorporates all of the above services. We take responsibility for every aspect of your operation, whatever your choice of hardware, software, backup, security and connectivity. With our depth of expertise, we’ll ensure you benefit from great performance and the flexibility, reliability, network resilience and security that your business demands. Additional hosted services include:
When you need a mirror of your IT platform for business continuity, compliance, data restoration or testing, then our fully-managed Platform Replication services offer a lower cost option than physical or virtual in-house choices.
If your telephony services are struggling to cope with changing demands, our Hosted IP Telephony service (VoIP) can deliver low-cost deployment and flexibility. Whether your staff are at their desks, at home, on the road or working from remote offices, they’ll enjoy the same high levels of functionality and performance from wherever they are, but at a much-reduced cost. That’s a plus for your business continuity planning too.
With our Hosted Desktop (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) service, we host your user applications and profiles in our data centres. That means you benefit from the security of a controlled environment and we’ll take care of administering patches and upgrades centrally. You gain the flexibility to add, delete and change profiles as needed, and you can allow users to log into their own profile from any approved location using an agreed device. Hosted Desktop is a pay-per-month service, giving you predictable costs and reducing the demand to make any major investment in in-house desktop IT. And if your desktops are being served from our data centres, rather than your premises, you’re another step closer to a robust business continuity strategy. All our data centres are highly secure so you can benefit from greater compliance with data security policies and regulations


The cornerstone of any service provider and is the simplest form of moving workloads from your own facilities to access the benefits of a class-leading data centre provider that adheres to compliance and industry recognised frameworks, with unrivalled carrier options and accessibility all for a low price based on fixed commercials, over a term to suit you. Our colocation services give you assured levels of performance and availability, without needing to invest in your own facilities. Our energy-efficient data centres, deliver the power, sustainability and security that modern infrastructures demand, monitored and managed 24/7/365. Suitable for enterprises in all market sectors, co-lo works especially well for those with just one site or those that need to increase their data centre space, reduce risk or improve performance. We manage the planning and migration to our facilities while our support team can monitor your hardware and software services, enabling prompt fault diagnosis and resolution.
We manage the planning and migration to our facilities, and actively work alongside you to evaluate your solution as it’s delivered. You’ll receive all the support and services you’d expect from a datacentre facility built to Tier III standards and operated by a proven hosting partner.
You tell us how much central processing unit (CPU), memory and disk space you need, and that's all we'll charge you for. As your requirements change, we’ll deliver more on demand. With advanced data centres, all located in the UK, we'll provide the facilities, security, monitoring and support to keep your systems up and running.
Our support team can monitor your hardware and software services, enabling prompt fault diagnosis and resolution.
If you need greater resilience, we can work with you to design and install online data vaulting, mirroring or storage area network solutions, automatic backup and data storage.

Daisy Cloud Access

You have already invested heavily in traditional IT services and communications links to connect offices, comms rooms and data centres, but to benefit from public cloud services, you need secure connectivity that doesn't compromise your existing systems. At Daisy, we are most known for our telecommunications and connectivity heritage, so it goes without saying whether you are housed in our data centres already or connected to us in some form, that through our points of presence, we give you and your business access to multiple public cloud providers via dedicated circuits. The speed and amounts are configured just for you, with the ability to flex up and down as your business demands, without the burdened costs or expensive infrastructure to provide point-to-point dedicated and secure connectivity yourself.  
With Daisy Cloud Access, Daisy customers can connect safely to public cloud services without the need to install additional circuits. If you're not already a Daisy network customer, we can bring you into our network for end-to-end expertise from data centre to device, across LAN, WAN, WiFi and mobile.
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