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Migrating and running your IT infrastructure in the cloud can often be a complex task with many considerations that require expert knowledge of IT infrastructure services across on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments.

On that journey, it is vital to ensure that the architecture design meets all your technical requirements with key factors such as availability, performance, compliance, cost control, data sovereignty and security. Crucially, the workloads to be deployed into the public cloud must also be considered carefully and optimised to support your business outcomes.

Working with Daisy’s cloud specialists who have the relevant expertise to assess, design, deploy, and manage your IT environment, will help ensure the success of your cloud experience.

Azure Migration Assessment

Daisy’s Azure Migration Assessment is a three-day service with a certified Daisy cloud architect, who adheres to industry best practice to optimise your journey to Azure. Closely following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, our approach considers all the key aspects of an Azure migration to deliver a current state assessment of your IT infrastructure. This identifies the most optimal path to Azure to achieve your strategic objectives. Show more...

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Azure Optimisation Assessment

Daisy’s Azure Optimisation Assessment is a five-day service delivering a current state assessment of your existing Azure services to define areas of improvement and make recommendations. The assessment compares the initial discovery against current Microsoft best practices along with Daisy’s blueprint designs and expertise. Show more...

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Microsoft Collaboration Optimisation

The ability to work with your employees from anywhere on any device and for colleagues to share information and ideas in real-time and connect with customers, is what now differentiates modern organisations from those that remain static. This is where the highly functional Microsoft Teams comes into its own. Show more...

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Microsoft 365 Enablement Assessment

Daisy’s Microsoft 365 Enablement Assessment is a four-day service that aims to identify opportunities to improve IT services and cost models, business operations and working practices to deliver an actionable roadmap for migrating seamlessly from your legacy environments to Microsoft cloud services. Show more...

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Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Daisy’s Microsoft 365 Security Assessment is a four-day service delivering a current state assessment of your Microsoft 365 environment, security controls and your security requirements, documenting areas for improvement and presenting recommendations. The findings are measured against Microsoft’s security features and capabilities along with Daisy’s blueprint designs and expertise to ensure security standards are being met. Show more...

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Data Science Assessment

Organisations that are harnessing the greatest insights from their data are shaping the industries they operate in. Daisy’s Data Science Assessment is a great way to plan your journey to implementing data science within your business and provides a clear strategic roadmap of what is achievable with your data and platforms. Show more...

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Ask the Expert

We work with many organisations, from all types of industries and while every single one of them is unique, there are commonalities in infrastructure, in their objectives and in the challenges they face.

Because we have been designing, implementing and managing cloud infrastructure from before the days it was called “cloud”, we have extensive knowledge and experience to apply. We’re able to deliver a framework to evaluate an organisation’s current environment and recommend the right path to achieve what they need.

Yes, and enterprise organisations too in fact. Especially with COVID-19 forcing new ways of working, we’ve seen an uptake in cloud adoption and organisations want to be sure they are making the right choices based on solid analysis and best practice, so that they reduce the risks associated with cloud environments.

What is really interesting is the number of organisations who have already embraced the cloud (in its various forms) but are not seeing the results they expected. In some cases, because services were mis-sold or misunderstood and in others because of the speed in which decisions needed to be made. We’re being approached by organisations who are now at the stage where they can take stock and with our help, make positive changes to maximise their cloud investments and start to see the results that they were expecting.

We’re also finding that people are fed up of hearing that cloud is the future and what they really need is help understanding what’s right for them. We’ve produced guides and FAQs and lots of collateral but sometimes, you just need to sit down with a client and listen. That’s where having a company like Daisy to talk to can really help.

No, not necessarily. There are loads of businesses that run critical infrastructure on legacy technology or work in an environment where they need to closely control their data, who has access, where it is stored and so on. But there are different types of cloud and ways to embrace cloud advantages but still retain on premise control.

There is still the need to assess and understand an organisations compliance and security requirements, there is still the need to understand the cost of cloud and there is still the need to understand the performance requirements of the applications and solutions that are to be hosted in the cloud. Modern cloud environments are evolving constantly with solutions that address all these concerns and, in most use cases, the benefits of cloud can be realised, with Daisy’s help.

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a suite of cloud productivity services and applications from Microsoft, that also combines these capabilities with managed Identity, Windows Desktop, End User Device (EUD) Management, Security, Compliance and Service Management. M365 solutions are designed for both small and medium sized businesses and extend to providing productivity, management and security for the Enterprise. The adoption, configuration, and on-going management of M365 is a complex set of activities and components and this is where the consultancy packages from Daisy can deliver real value, using the extensive experience that Daisy has in designing and implementing Microsoft 365.
They could of course do it themselves, but Daisy offers the expertise to ensure the pre-requisites and enablers are in place and configured correctly so that Microsoft 365 works the way they need it to work and that it co-exists with their existing traditional on-premise technologies.
We leverage our blueprints and standard designs to influence the configuration setup and our experience of making the most out of Microsoft 365 and cloud services, is built into the blueprints and standards, therefore we already know how to make things work.
Market research as well as the interest in our services, tells us that there are a lot of organisations out there who are not making the most of the Microsoft 365 features available to them. We can provide sound guidance on how and what the customer requires to achieve what they need to, from using the technology.
Some organisations may well have the time and expertise to do it themselves, which is great. One thing that they need to make sure they get right, is the security. Cloud based solutions, such as Microsoft 365 have introduced the need for security and IT teams to re-think how they control and manage the new risks that using this technology presents.
Azure Migration Assessment (3-day, £3000)
Azure Optimisation Assessment (5-day, £5000)
Microsoft Teams Enablement Assessment (1-day, £1000)
Microsoft 365 Enablement Assessment (4-day, £4000)
Microsoft 365 Security Assessment (3-day, £3000)

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