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HPE GreenLake brought to you by Daisy, is the cloud that comes to you. GreenLake allows you to have a cloud-like experience on dedicated infrastructure in a data centre of your choice. The GreenLake service is consumed monthly and scales up and down to meet the demands of your business. GreenLake helps smooth spend cycles and allows you to keep tight control of costs. Consumption and usage data is available via a portal and shared with you at regular intervals.



The first wave of digital transformation was driven by the public cloud. We saw a surge of new business models, online experiences and operational efficiencies—all underpinned by increased speed, agility, scale and simplified IT. But the public cloud is not for everyone and everything. Even today, up to 70% of an enterprise’s mission-critical applications simply cannot move to the public cloud. Instead, they languish and fall ever further from the cutting-edge. Meanwhile, there is an explosion at the edge, combined with a rise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), that is creating even more data and insights. Data gravity, latency and application dependencies mean we need to bring cloud services to this data—not the other way round.

Introducing HPE GreenLake

Daisy’s hybrid cloud solutions and management options have always worked to bridge the gap between on-site infrastructure and cloud. With HPE GreenLake we round out our hybrid cloud portfolio with the ability to bring cloud-like consumption and abilities to your data and apps, wherever they are, including on-site. HPE GreenLake is the only digital transformation accelerator that provides customers with one platform that brings the cloud experience to apps and data where they must live—production ready, flexible and elastic, with simpler IT.

HPE GreenLake, brought to you by Daisy, is the cloud that comes to you. Bring the cloud experience to all your apps and data on your terms—across your clouds, edges, colocations, and data centres.

Pay for the outcomes you require as you consume them:

  • HPE GreenLake is a suite of consumption-based solutions available for your top workloads
  • Delivering IT outcomes in a pay-per-use model out of your own environment
  • No upfront capital expense or public cloud integration costs—instead invest that cash today in revenue-generating innovation


With Everything-as-a-Service you get a cloud-like experience on-site, on dedicated hardware.

  • Flexible costs and reduced total cost of ownership

  • Faster time to value: Curated solutions that evolve ahead of your needs

  • Cloud-like simplified IT: Operated for you to add business value

  • Proper control and security: In your IT environment, on premises

  • A suite of consumption-based solutions for your top workloads: Big data, backup, open database (Oracle DB compatible) as a service, and SAP HANA

  • Advisory and professional services options to help with solution design and integration

Plus, you pay for the outcomes you need, as you consume them.

What are your challenges?

HPE GreenLake

We hear our customers ask for agility so IT can be ready for new business initiatives. For simpler IT to free up valuable people from “keep the lights on” work so they can spend more time innovating. Lower IT costs that are aligned to business benefits and not linked to capital budgets. And proper control over performance, security, compliance and their data.

We know you will no longer accept moving to the cloud to reduce on-site costs and overhead when it comes at the price of losing control over your operations and data protection.

The answer is the transformative power of cloud-like consumption, everywhere you need it.


Why your organisation needs to embrace it

EaaS is redefining organisations. The as-a-service consumption model has opened doors for organisations of all sizes to benefit from the speed, simplicity, and scalability that it offers.

Organisations thinking about digital transformation as a way to keep their competitive edge should embrace Everything-as-a-Service to improve agility and flexibility, and cut costs whilst staying in control.

Everything-as-a-Service is about flexibility. When organisations aren’t held back by their hardware, they can hone in on what’s important to them. In this podcast we untangle the radical aaS revolution, including the benefits of EaaS, powered by HPE GreenLake, brought to you by Daisy.

Building a business case for EaaS

Everything-as-a-Service powered by HPE GreenLake gives you benefits you can measure.
  • 30%-40%Capex Savings by Eliminating Overprovisioning
  • 75%Less Time to Deploy Global IT Projects
  • 60%Reduction in Outside Fees
  • 40%IT Resource Savings
  • 147%Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 12 monthsPayback in Less Than 12 Months

Source: The Total Economic Impact™ of HPE GreenLake, Forrester Research, May 2020
Good to know: HPE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the UK’s Crown Commercial Services (CCS) to cut the complexity of cloud adoption by the public sector. Effective immediately, the agreement allows qualifying public sector bodies to benefit from minimum agreed discounts on a range of HPE technologies, including HPE GreenLake cloud services, which powers Everything-as-a-Service.

How can Daisy help?

Daisy works with HPE GreenLake to deliver Everything-as-a-Service to customers who want to have consumption-based architecture on a dedicated set of hardware. We design, build and manage robust and reliable hybrid environments that help you bridge the gap between private, shared and public cloud. Our ability to combine all platforms into one single solution allows you to control your costs and achieve the right levels of security and risk.

We’ll start your Everything-as-a-Service journey by clearly defining your business and technical requirements, including workload statuses and consumption trends, always with an eye on the hybrid IT and cloud decisions you’ve made to date.

Daisy has been an HPE Gold Partner for more than 15 years. We offer an extensive IT solutions portfolio – from converged infrastructure solutions to managed services, all delivered through world-class professional services and supply chain management capabilities.

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Firstly, you only pay for the capacity you use. Further, right-sizing IT environments means reduced IT spend on software licences, maintenance contracts, power, cooling and resources sitting idle and depreciating.
It truly supports a multi-cloud/hybrid strategy as it enables you to determine the best destination for the applications and the right mix of public, private, hybrid cloud without lock-in or tethering.
Everything-as-a-Service offers unrivalled metering flexibility and payment per outcome delivered. Customers can meter per core, per GB of storage, per VM, per network port, per container node, whatever fits the business.
Everything–as-a-Service has actively managed, pre-provisioned buffer capacity ready to use when you need it. This removes the burden of capacity planning and can save up to 30% of capex spend by avoiding over-provisioning.
Nearly two-thirds of all infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) workloads are still non-cloud native. Everything-as-a-Service for containers is designed for both cloud native and distributed non-cloud native apps, with open-source Kubernetes. This enables true hybrid cloud operations across any location.
Everything-as-a-Service does away with expensive data egress costs by delivering cloud services for on-premise data intensive applications.