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Helping your business continue operating when you suffer a breach

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We are all potential victims of a cyber attack and with the threat landscape increasing in volume and complexity all the time,
breaches are no longer a possibility – they are inevitable. When a breach occurs, it can bring an entire environment to a stop and this means that the processes and functions underpinned by the affected technology also stop. Recovering from an attack can take a
long time.

Daisy’s cyber business recovery can deliver you back to clean data, clean systems, clean networks and clean locations, so that you can continue to operate your business while your teams focus on managing the breach. Contact us today to discuss your plans and find out how we can help.

Did you know?

Few businesses are prepared for the economic impact to their business and how they will manage this when a breach occurs – are you?

three quarter chart 3 in 4 organisations have been affected by a cyber breach
forth fifth chart Four in five senior managers rate cyber security as a 'very high' or 'fairly high' priority, an increase on 77% in 2021
three quarters chart On average, organisations were only able to recover 64% of their data, meaning that over 1/3 of data is typically unrecoverable
fifty percent chart More than 50% of these organisations dealt with at least 2 attacks in 2021

Cyber Business Recovery Invocation Examples

  • Sector: Financial
  • Size: Enterprise, Global
  • Type of Breach: Virus
  • Extent of Disruption: UK business
  • Duration of Recovery: 3 weeks
  • Recovery Type: Work area recovery for 60 critical staff and technology environment
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy
  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Size: Mid-Market, Global
  • Type of Breach: Ransomware
  • Extent of Disruption: Business-critical server
  • Duration of Recovery: 11 days
  • Recovery Type: Physical server shipped to site with on-site technical support
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy
  • Sector: Publishing
  • Size: Mid-market
  • Type of Breach: DDoS
  • Extent of Disruption: Company-wide network disruption
  • Duration of Recovery: 6 days
  • Recovery Type: Clean, separated ‘WiFi-in-a-box’ ship-to-site solution
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy
  • Sector: Construction
  • Size: Enterprise
  • Type of Breach: Ransomware
  • Extent of Disruption: 15 servers, tape drives & storage
  • Duration of Recovery: 48 hours
  • Recovery Type: Physical server recovery shipped to site with on-site technical support
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy

Don’t let a cyber breach stop your business

If ever there is a time to test your ability to “keep calm and always-on” it’s when your organisation has been hit with a cyber breach. Daisy can help. We have applied more than 30 years’ experience to this very modern problem and can deliver our Cyber Workplace Recovery services to you on-premises, or at our operational resilience centres, depending on the nature and scale of your breach.

How does Cyber Business Recovery work?

Cyber workplace recovery uses our well-established, industry-leading operational resilience services including work area recovery, data availability, connectivity and communication. These work together in any combination depending on the scope and type of your breach, to deliver the safe environment you need. While you are focused on managing a breach, you are at your most vulnerable, but still need to deliver services and communicate with your customers.

Why Daisy for cyber breach management?

  • UK’s leading Operational Resilience provider for more than 30 years
  • We recover on average one customer every week, year on year
  • We have multi-award-winning people, services and physical infrastructure
  • We protect more than 6 Petabytes of critical customer data with more than 100,000 backups every month
  • We have more than 5600 pre-configured work area recovery seats ready and waiting in the UK

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