Daisy is a Veeam Platinum Partner: at the pinnacle of delivering high-quality backup, replication and business availability solutions

AWARD WINNERS – Daisy has been awarded the Fastest VCSP Growth of the Year award at the Veeam Partner Awards 2022.

Veeam and Daisy work in partnership to protect customer data wherever it resides: in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid, delivered as one solution.

Our platinum status assures you of the latest features and highest levels of support. We deliver the entire feature set offered by Veeam, which includes monitoring, protection and recovery for physical, virtual, AIX and Solaris workloads.

Whether you need instant recovery of one or more applications, a temporary data centre to test new software or upgrades, or simply to relocate your business temporarily because of planned works – Daisy’s Availability Services can help.

Whether you already use Veeam or are new to the product set, Daisy engineers can design, install and manage the whole solution or take your Veeam backups and replicas and make them instantly available in an ISO accredited data centre.

Our own UK data centres use Veeam technology to protect more than 1,600 virtual and 400 physical workloads in one all-encompassing solution.

Daisy solutions that can be powered by Veeam include:

  • Backup: Protect and retain data for any length of time, either on-site, at Daisy, or in the public cloud – all under one solution
  • Make use of the backup data to provide test and development on-demand environments, practice and schedule upgrades or patches all in isolation from production
  • Protect all Microsoft 365 data, emails, Sharepoint and OneDrive – on-premises, at Daisy or in a secure cloud
  • Guaranteed recovery: You can now guarantee your recovery as often as you need to. For example, if you make a change to a system and need to prove it can be recovered, you can test and prove this in just a few clicks
  • Hidden or legacy servers (physical or running an aged application that no-one currently in the organisation knows how to recover), can be accommodated within your Daisy solution

Put us to the test. If you have a server or an issue with your current solutions which mean you have concerns about recovery, call us and we’ll take you through the recovery or prove the recovery for you in our cloud and give you remote access to test.

Our solutions that use Veeam technology

Cloud Cloud

Deliver more agile communications and IT with our mix of secure private and public cloud solutions.

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Operational Resilience Operational Resilience
Operational Resilience

Essential resilience to keep your key services available when any incident threatens to disrupt your business.

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Platinum Partner

  • Veeam Availability Suite
  • Veeam ONE
  • Veeam Agents
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