Virtualisation to simplify IT operations

The Background

Weightmans is a leading UK firm specialising in commercial, public sector and insurance law with more than 1,400 people and offices around the UK.

The Challenge

The firm operated its estate across ISDN30 but was beginning to experience ISDN failures more frequently. This was affecting cost and income, as it needed a reliable and robust system not only for client communications, but also for billing. Each outage was handled by BT Openreach who addressed the failure and applied diverts, which was increasing cost and downtime. Additionally, Weightmans’ Mitel system wasn’t integrated into their wider IT estate, so all moves, adds and changes became difficult and time consuming.

The Solution

Working with Weightmans, Daisy virtualised its Mitel system to a virtual data centre, which allowed the delivery of all services across their WAN. This also allowed Daisy to introduce a resilient SIP service direct from this centralised instance, and remove the reliance on ISDN30 for the day-to-day operations. The ISDN30 was scaled down and retained for an additional layer of resilience. Daisy also helped Weightmans’ own internal developers to integrate their Active Directory to their cloud based Mitel, allowing them to automate moves adds and changes.

The Result

Services have significantly improved, and in the last 12 months there have been no outages on SIP. The integration of the Mitel into Weightmans’ IT estate automatically simplified and unified their systems, dramatically reducing processing down to seconds, when carrying out routine tasks.

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  • Sector: Professional Services
  • No. Employees: 1,000 - 5,000
  • Services Taken: Connectivity, Lines & Calls and Unified Communications

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