Microsoft 365: A Definitive Way to Maximise its Business Impact

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Microsoft 365: an investment to be nurtured

Microsoft 365 is widely acknowledged to enhance productivity and innovation through its range of intelligent apps and collaboration tools. However, consistently optimising its effect on your organisation isn’t always easy, especially with a changing workforce and continually evolving business priorities. Licence allocation, user adoption and cost management become more complex and challenging as your operation grows. Without careful attention, this can seriously dilute the advantages that Microsoft 365 offers.

Actionable insights for continued optimisation

Fortunately, organisations can turn to a new breed of cloud-hosted, AI-powered, dashboard-based insight tools such as Quantum 365 by Daisy (delivered in partnership with Bytes). These are specially designed to increase visibility and understanding across your Microsoft 365 estate, while actively enabling ongoing optimisation. Quantum 365 by Daisy, for example, gathers a wide array of data that is related to subscriptions, licensing efficiency, usage patterns and beyond. This is then analysed to deliver concrete recommendations that help you manage costs, streamline licensing, eliminate waste, address security risks and generally maximise the productivity and ROI of your Microsoft investment.

It’s been estimated that by using these solutions, 9 out of 10 businesses could see a yearly reduction of 5%-15% in their Microsoft 365 spend, while seeing efficiency and productivity soar.*

Automation and customisation for maximum efficiency

Another key driver of process efficiency is automation. Quantum 365 by Daisy allows users to automate the implementation of certain recommendations, including licence management (e.g. de-allocating licences for users who no longer require them) and actions related to security and governance policy. The product’s core capability is complemented by a range of additional modules that can be combined to fit the needs of an individual organisation. These include a range of advantages including system alerts, C-Suite dashboards, focused recommendations for Microsoft Teams and productivity analysis for different types of worker (e.g. home vs office).

Drive better business and technology decisions

If you’re under pressure to deliver more value to the business, you can readily achieve this from your Microsoft 365 investment. Tools like these can help you streamline costs, budget more effectively, improve security and extract maximum value from a wealth of complex user data. They also allow you to fill the knowledge gaps that businesses of all sizes face in the licensing and utilisation of Microsoft 365, while helping you better understand the people you employ. Maximise your operational agility and book a free Microsoft 365 health check today.

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