Six Costly Data Protection Gaps In Microsoft 365 And How To Close Them [Whitepaper]


Since the pandemic, more and more businesses are relying on Microsoft 365 for everyday business use. If your business relies on Microsoft 365, you can expect reliable access to its applications with very high uptime. But many IT professionals are labouring under a dangerous
misconception: that Microsoft provides fully-fledged data protection and long-term data retention for Microsoft 365.

The reality is that the emails, attachments, and shared files stored in Microsoft 365 are not protected from the most common and serious data loss issues, ranging from simple accidental deletions to sophisticated malware attacks. Thus, for many organisations, Microsoft 365 represents a major data protection gap – an unhappy surprise waiting to happen. You may be surprised to learn that Microsoft provides very few features to help restore lost, destroyed or damaged Microsoft 365 data, with nowhere near the backup functionality or robustness with which most businesses expect when they protect their other critical applications.

This whitepaper outlines several easy-to-miss limitations of Microsoft’s data protection capabilities and examines how you can address those shortcomings to ensure that your business can quickly recover from the many data loss issues to which Microsoft 365 is vulnerable.

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An Insider's Guide To Data Protection And Recovery

An Insider’s Guide to Data Protection and Recovery [Whitepaper]

We’ve collaborated with the leading industry vendors to bring you a thorough analysis of the future of data protection and recovery.

Data is key to your business. Protecting it and ensuring its effective recovery from any interruptions can be complex and expensive. Daisy has partnered with industry leading vendors, inviting Acronis, NetApp, Veeam, Zadara and Zerto to speak out on key issues shaping the future of the industry, address your biggest challenges and share their top tips.

Our in-depth whitepaper includes:

  • The key issues shaping the future of the industry
  • How vendors are addressing your biggest challenges head-on
  • Top tips for keeping your data safe and recoverable
  • Topics covered include cyber security, compliance and legislation, public-cloud and the impact of COVID-19

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VDI Whitepaper

The Resurgence of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) [Whitepaper]

Securely delivering Windows applications and desktops to any device, anywhere and any time – without complexity.

Desktop virtualisation has become an irresistible option for businesses looking to optimise resources, provide home and mobile working solutions and deliver a secure and consistent user experience.

Neil Hall, Strategy Consultant at Daisy Corporate Services, provides a great introduction to the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market, its evolution and current solutions. The paper covers what it is, how it works and reasons to adopt it, as well as detailing the key vendors, their benefits and differentiation and a useful summary of what they deliver.

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About Neil Hall

Neil Hall Strategy ConsultantNeil is a strategy consultant at Daisy, specialising in IT service and IT operating value. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and delivery of IT services, primarily in business and technical consulting and in post-implementation service delivery across a wide range of industries, including accountancy, wealth management, banking, construction, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, health, education, and other service-based organisations. Many of Neil’s engagements focus on cloud adoption, IT service continuity and driving operational efficiency though the use of technology.

Future Workplace Essentials Toolkit

Future Workplace Essentials Toolkit

The way we work is changing quickly but, where are things headed? What will the workplace look like 5 years, or even 6 months from now? To answer these questions, we’ve put together a future workplace toolkit to keep you in the loop with where we’ve been, what’s going on now, and where workplace technology is going in the future.

Why should I get my Future Workplace Essentials Toolkit?

Our Future Workplace Essentials Toolkit includes everything you need. Whether you are looking to sustain remote and homeworking, want to reimagine your office environment, or when the time comes, you want information to help you decide if and when you will return to the office, and advice on getting your locations up and running.

Plus you can choose to receive a free consultation from a Daisy expert. Just check the “I would like to receive a free consultation” box when you fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to arrange one.

What will I find in my toolkit?

Digital Transformation Whitepaper
– A guide to the evolution of the office and the road to a digital future
Modern Workplace Raconteur Report Pack
– Ditching the Desk?
– How the Leadership Role is Changing in an Era of Remote Working
– Digital Nomads: Fantasy or Reality?
Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking Guide
– Learn how SD-WAN enables today’s remote workforce in this must-read guide
Back to Office Resources (Article & Checklist)
– Back to the Office – To Return or not to Return – That is the Question
– Reset and Restart – The Complete Return to Office Technology Checklist
Plus a free consultation with a Daisy expert
– Tick the checkbox when you submit the form to request a free consultation with a specialist

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A Network That Thinks Like You... [Whitepaper]

A Network That Thinks Like You… [Whitepaper]

Product Director Richard Beeston explains the transformative power of intent-based networking and reveals why Cisco DNA Centre is a powerful blueprint for making an intent-based network a reality.

Traditional network models simply can’t keep up with the demands of modern businesses. The result? Serious stress on your infrastructure and people, which is why we need a new approach to networking.

The focus of that new approach needs to be where the “intent” of your business is translated into policies that can be automated and applied across the network. This takes you from a network that needs constant attention to one that simply understands what you need.

Cisco DNA Centre is the key to realising an intent-based network; it’s the network management system, foundational controller, and analytics platform that makes it all possible. It holds the instructions of your business network, transforming tedious manual processes into automated intent, giving you more time to drive value from your network, your applications, and your users.

This whitepaper covers all you need to know to accelerate your journey to intent-based networking. In such a climate, the ability to understand, control and optimise all elements of your network may be all that separates success from failure.

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Cloud All-in-One Toolkit

All-In-One Cloud Toolkit

Why should I get my All-in-One Cloud Toolkit?

The cloud is now a major part of every enterprise digital transformation strategy. Getting it right can yield competitive advantage, enable homeworking, provide disaster recovery and business continuity, enhance collaboration and provide protection and security from external threats.

This toolkit has been collated to give influencers and decision makers like you the insight you need to speak cloud, assess your current cloud strategy, and make the decisions necessary to benefit from this essential enterprise technology. Benefit from broad top-level quick guides designed for those with little time to spare, or go in-depth with explanations of this technology for those looking to dig a little deeper.

Plus you can choose to receive a free consultation from a Daisy expert. Just check the “I would like to receive a free consultation” box when you fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to arrange one.

What will I find in my toolkit?

Hybrid Cloud 101 eGuide
This short, jargon-free guide will help you explore the benefits of hybrid cloud, apply them to the unique needs of your organisation and take the vital steps needed when assessing a hybrid strategy. It will also equip you to discuss hybrid cloud with anyone you need to influence, while making a clear, compelling business case.
Cloud Connectivity Whitepaper: Why Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
This comprehensive cloud connectivity whitepaper covers all you need to know about cloud connectivity. It arms you with the knowledge you need to convince stakeholders and other decision makers of the importance of a cloud connectivity strategy and the options available to you.
Networking in the Cloud Era Guide
This guide will help you discover what to look for when starting on your cloud networking journey. It considers the different generations of cloud technology and provides a detailed checklist to help you identify the best option for your business.
6 Reasons to Migrate to Hybrid Cloud & Common Hybrid Cloud Scenarios
Chris Blow, Technical Design Architect at Daisy Corporate Services discusses the benefits of migrating to hybrid cloud, common hybrid cloud scenarios, and why businesses should consider hybrid cloud adoption.
Hybrid Cloud: The Ultimate Guide for Decision Makers
This hybrid cloud ultimate guide helps you and your fellow decision-makers address your business challenges, and get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. We’ve provided structured, jargon-free pros and cons for different hybrid approaches, along with stats, facts and insights designed to chime with the priorities of key executives, from CEO and CFO to sales and operations directors and beyond.
Cloud Consultancy – Azure Migration & Optimisation Assessment Datasheets
Migrating and running your IT infrastructure in the cloud can often be a complex task. It can have many considerations that require expert knowledge of IT infrastructure services, across on-premise, hybrid and public cloud environments. This is where cloud consultancy is not just a “nice to have” but invaluable. It is vital to ensure that the architecture design meets all your business requirements with key factors such as availability, performance, compliance, cost control, data sovereignty, and security all being critical to get right.
Plus a free consultation with a Daisy expert
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Virtual contact centre in a post pandemic world whitepaper

Answer the Call: The Virtual Contact Centre in a Post Pandemic World [Whitepaper]

The pandemic has been prolonged and for more and more workers, working from home is the new reality. 88.2% of UK homeworkers want to continue working remotely in some capacity and 74% of organisations are looking to increase working from home post-pandemic. So what does that look like from a contact centre perspective?

Why should I download my virtual contact centre whitepaper?

This short, jargon-free whitepaper will help you explore the benefits and risks of a virtual contact centre, how to mitigate these risks, and how to take the vital steps needed when assessing the viability of a virtual contact centre. It will also equip you to discuss this topic with anyone you need to influence, while making a clear, compelling business case.

What will I learn if I download my virtual contact centre whitepaper?

Download this whitepaper to find out about:

  • The Surge in Demand
  • The Remote Working Necessity
  • Effective Communications are Fundamental to Business Success
  • Business Benefits of Going Virtual
  • The Risks of a Virtual Contact Centre
  • Opportunities to Mitigate these Risks
  • When a Virtual Contact Centre Makes Sense

Acronis by Daisy - your swiss army knife for security and backup

Securely Protecting Your Critical Data – [Business Case]

The way we work has changed. Security solutions must now change, to better meet increased cyber threats, overcome homeworker challenges and reduce complexity and cost.

This business case paper explores the challenges involved in protecting and securing private business data – challenges have been magnified by the events of this last year. Now is the time to arm yourself with all the relevant information to make informed decisions on how to best protect your business.

In this paper, you’ll find useful business-case information about the benefits of an integrated approach to backup and security, including uniquely secure protection for critical data, increased recovery speed, and eliminating the downtime caused by ransomware.

Why read it? Cybercriminals thrive on complexity, and the multitude of security solutions that we employ to keep parts of our environment secure, can be disjointed and ineffective. Combining backup with anti-malware protection and even device management creates a more effective solution for your business – and an ideal way to protect endpoint devices and a homeworking strategy. For example:

  • Anti-malware protection of the backup environment (as well as the live environment) increases resilience and combats ransomware
  • End-to-end protection from homeworkers to the cloud (mobiles to virtual servers) all in one solution
  • Protects all your data from line of business through to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

This paper will help you to evaluate how a joined-up approach to backup and security delivers financial, business and resilience benefits.

Industry-expert security predictions

Industry Expert Security Predictions for 2021

We’ve collated predictions, insights and advice from top security partners to help you understand the current market, and consider the drivers, challenges and trends to help you shape your security focus for 2021 and beyond.

Security is always a top concern for UK organisations, but never more so than now with the need to protect staff working from home. So we’ve done some hard work and found a wealth of useful information so all you need to do, is ‘click-and-collect’ the information below from the comfort of your chair!

Palo Alto Networks: Predictions 2021

Palo Alto asks, “With our increased dependence on technology, how successfully are businesses securing their digital future for 2021?” and present their predictions for the cybersecurity trends that will influence our digital futures in 2021. (5 minute watch). Click here to read predictions 2021

Mimecast: Cybersecurity awareness and the lessons of 2020

A 5-minute interview with Josephine Wolff, expert on cybersecurity awareness, governance, regulation and risk, covering how COVID-19, remote work and data privacy legislation are compelling companies to rethink their cybersecurity policies. Click here to read cybersecurity awareness and the lessons of 2020

Microsoft: A breakthrough year for passwordless technology

Did you know that roughly 80 percent of cybercrime is directed at passwords? This Microsoft article considers how 2020 was a banner year for passwordless technology and what the next steps are for 2021. Click here to read a breakthrough year for passwordless technology

AT&T Cybersecurity: 6 information security predictions for 2021

With our lives becoming increasingly digitised, AT&T Cybersecurity shares six information security trends to expect in the year ahead. Click here to read the 6 information security predictions for 2021

Cisco: Talos vulnerability discovery review of 2020

Cisco Talos’ Systems Vulnerability Research Team discovered 231 vulnerabilities this year across a wide range of products. This blog gives an overview of Talos’ vulnerability work from 2020 and fills you in on patches you may have missed. Click here to read the Talos vulnerability discovery year in review — 2020

Cisco: Security outcomes study (4800 respondents from 25 countries)

A study for CISOs, about CISOs, to help guide your security program. To quote Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Duo Security at Cisco, “This is not a marketing report to toss in your swag bag and ignore… this report will change how we think about running infosec programs.” This is a long, considered read, delivering insight to help you at a strategic level. Click here to read the security outcomes study main report

Wandera: How work and play changed in 2020

This Wandera report shares trends that reveal how we have adapted to living and working from home. Findings show that to collaborate and socialize remotely we need digital tools that are intuitive and natural to use. Click here to read how work and play changed in 2020

Acronis: 5 trends that are likely to define the cybersecurity landscape in 2021

Candid Wüest, VP of cyber protection research at Acronis, gives his predictions for what we need to watch out for in 2021. Click here to read his five trends that are likely to define the cybersecurity landscape in 2021

And finally, a word from Daisy experts who look at the current security landscape, deliver tips for where to focus your security effort for immediate results and a view on what direction the industry is heading in. Click here to read the article

Daisy Cybersecurity Report 2020

Cybersecurity Report 2020

Use this report as a useful backdrop when considering the changing threat landscape and evaluating your security priorities for 2021.

2020 was a big year for us all but cybercriminals didn’t rest! This paper presents an overview of the threats we faced in the last year as encountered by our security partners and our in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC). It gives a useful overview of new threats that emerged in 2020, including exploitations focused on COVID-19, remote workers under attack and ransomware.


  • The top 5 cybersecurity headlines for 2020
  • The extent of today’s cyberthreat
  • The potential impact of a cyber breach
  • Key 2020 cyberthreats
  • Recommended steps and further reading

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Cybersecurity Report 2020