Securely Protecting Your Critical Data – [Business Case]

The way we work has changed. Security solutions must now change, to better meet increased cyber threats, overcome homeworker challenges and reduce complexity and cost.

This business case paper explores the challenges involved in protecting and securing private business data – challenges have been magnified by the events of this last year. Now is the time to arm yourself with all the relevant information to make informed decisions on how to best protect your business.

In this paper, you’ll find useful business-case information about the benefits of an integrated approach to backup and security, including uniquely secure protection for critical data, increased recovery speed, and eliminating the downtime caused by ransomware.

Why read it? Cybercriminals thrive on complexity, and the multitude of security solutions that we employ to keep parts of our environment secure, can be disjointed and ineffective. Combining backup with anti-malware protection and even device management creates a more effective solution for your business – and an ideal way to protect endpoint devices and a homeworking strategy. For example:

  • Anti-malware protection of the backup environment (as well as the live environment) increases resilience and combats ransomware
  • End-to-end protection from homeworkers to the cloud (mobiles to virtual servers) all in one solution
  • Protects all your data from line of business through to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

This paper will help you to evaluate how a joined-up approach to backup and security delivers financial, business and resilience benefits.

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