All-In-One Cloud Toolkit

Why should I get my All-in-One Cloud Toolkit?

The cloud is now a major part of every enterprise digital transformation strategy. Getting it right can yield competitive advantage, enable homeworking, provide disaster recovery and business continuity, enhance collaboration and provide protection and security from external threats.

This toolkit has been collated to give influencers and decision makers like you the insight you need to speak cloud, assess your current cloud strategy, and make the decisions necessary to benefit from this essential enterprise technology. Benefit from broad top-level quick guides designed for those with little time to spare, or go in-depth with explanations of this technology for those looking to dig a little deeper.

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What will I find in my toolkit?

Hybrid Cloud 101 eGuide
This short, jargon-free guide will help you explore the benefits of hybrid cloud, apply them to the unique needs of your organisation and take the vital steps needed when assessing a hybrid strategy. It will also equip you to discuss hybrid cloud with anyone you need to influence, while making a clear, compelling business case.
Cloud Connectivity Whitepaper: Why Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
This comprehensive cloud connectivity whitepaper covers all you need to know about cloud connectivity. It arms you with the knowledge you need to convince stakeholders and other decision makers of the importance of a cloud connectivity strategy and the options available to you.
Networking in the Cloud Era Guide
This guide will help you discover what to look for when starting on your cloud networking journey. It considers the different generations of cloud technology and provides a detailed checklist to help you identify the best option for your business.
6 Reasons to Migrate to Hybrid Cloud & Common Hybrid Cloud Scenarios
Chris Blow, Technical Design Architect at Daisy Corporate Services discusses the benefits of migrating to hybrid cloud, common hybrid cloud scenarios, and why businesses should consider hybrid cloud adoption.
Hybrid Cloud: The Ultimate Guide for Decision Makers
This hybrid cloud ultimate guide helps you and your fellow decision-makers address your business challenges, and get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. We’ve provided structured, jargon-free pros and cons for different hybrid approaches, along with stats, facts and insights designed to chime with the priorities of key executives, from CEO and CFO to sales and operations directors and beyond.
Cloud Consultancy – Azure Migration & Optimisation Assessment Datasheets
Migrating and running your IT infrastructure in the cloud can often be a complex task. It can have many considerations that require expert knowledge of IT infrastructure services, across on-premise, hybrid and public cloud environments. This is where cloud consultancy is not just a “nice to have” but invaluable. It is vital to ensure that the architecture design meets all your business requirements with key factors such as availability, performance, compliance, cost control, data sovereignty, and security all being critical to get right.
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