A Network That Thinks Like You… [Whitepaper]

Product Director Richard Beeston explains the transformative power of intent-based networking and reveals why Cisco DNA Centre is a powerful blueprint for making an intent-based network a reality.

Traditional network models simply can’t keep up with the demands of modern businesses. The result? Serious stress on your infrastructure and people, which is why we need a new approach to networking.

The focus of that new approach needs to be where the “intent” of your business is translated into policies that can be automated and applied across the network. This takes you from a network that needs constant attention to one that simply understands what you need.

Cisco DNA Centre is the key to realising an intent-based network; it’s the network management system, foundational controller, and analytics platform that makes it all possible. It holds the instructions of your business network, transforming tedious manual processes into automated intent, giving you more time to drive value from your network, your applications, and your users.

This whitepaper covers all you need to know to accelerate your journey to intent-based networking. In such a climate, the ability to understand, control and optimise all elements of your network may be all that separates success from failure.

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